Sunday, 4 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 1

Allow me to present some Christmas scenes selected at random from the Internet, loosely connected with dolls houses and miniatures. A sort of Christmas advent calendar, all be it rather random. The above images come from a Christmas window display at a 1950's department store in America (hope they aren't to upsetting John!) Oh for the days when Christmas was in glorious black and white and the toys all looked slightly disturbing!!


  1. Hi Andy, I hope this reaches you ok cos I've been trying to sort out my comment thingy.
    reat pictures, did you make it to London-on-sea yesterday?
    take care

  2. Ah! SIMON!!! how great that you have been able to leave a comment! yes, I made it to London, and (just about) made it back home again! Will show and tell all once the pics have downloaded, for some reason it's taking ages, as they have to be transfered from upstairs Mac to downstairs dinosaur PC! When do you get your hands on your new dolls house kit?

  3. Hi Andy,
    Great pictures! THey really feel like Christmas. Can't ait to see your next post.
    All the best,

  4. Andy!! You do realise I'm going to be harassing every post now! LOL
    My new house should arrive at my work tomorrow. I can't wait! Looking forward to seeing what you bought at the fair.

  5. Hi Giac, glad you like these new Christmas pics, plenty more to come, going to try and get 24 downloaded before Christmas, but am a few days behind as you can see!

  6. Ah yes, that reminds me, need to get those pics uploaded, so you can all see!

  7. Hi Andy,

    Gorgeous pictures! I wonder if these are the same windows on different years, or along side each other, the signage is not the same?

    I'm looking forward to the advent calendar, and I am so happy to see Si's comments appearing.

    It's going to be a fun Christmas......I can feel it in my bones!!!

    ML Fi x

  8. Hi Fi,

    I think they are 2 different years, as the house looks the same, probably wheeled out every year!

    I have to upload another three pics for the advent calendar so I'm up to date! have found some nice things! ;)