Sunday, 18 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 18

Whilst hunting for some perfect images for gingerbread houses to go on the previous blog entry, I stumbled upon this disturbing version made from sausages and bacon. The first question that comes to mind is - why?! 'well, it's certainly original' I thought to myself, but then....

I stumbled across this, meat and spaghetti nativity scene. It's clear that there are some very creative people out there, as it's not something I would ever have thought of doing!! Do you think that they ate it all after Christmas?


  1. Horrible, Horrible Andy!!

    I am eating my breakfast and could have easily snapped off a pice of Gingerbread to have with my morning cup of tea but now looking at that greece......what are people thinking???

    The Nativity scene did make me laugh a bit.

    Fi x

  2. We do more than eat at these festivals...? hahaha!!! Oh my God, each year occurs the same fat, fat and fat!!! A big hug and happy Christmas!!!

  3. Hey Andy, they look pretty interesting but the sausage shepherds is just wrong LOL

  4. Hi Andy,
    I've been crazy busy lately and just sat down and took the time to go over your Random christmas post. What fun! I'm always in the Christmas spirit, but you cranked it up a notch.
    However, this last one is the perfect example of why one should not play with his food!
    I hope more Random Christmas stuff is coming along.
    All the best,

  5. Were those by any chance taken from 'The Jerry Springer X-mas Special'???

  6. You guy's do make me laugh!!

  7. I'm pleased you've all enjoyed this post!

    I was curious to know how the sausages stayed in place on the house, but I think they've used skewers. Whatever, it looks pretty inedible to me!

    I do like the little tin foil crowns that the sausage kings are wearing, but they don't appear to be bearing any meaty gifts, perhaps they are vegetarians!!? ;)