Friday, 16 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 16


There is something quite magical about the first laying of snow in the season, particularly when it's near to Christmas! I drew back the curtains this morning and was greeted by a blanket of white! I took great pleasure in climbing back into bed, all cosy and warm, and watching the snow as if fell. ( a blessed day off today!)

We have a carol concert on the village green outside our house this evening, the village band will be playing and people come to sing carols from the village and nearby town. It will be all the better for being in the snow, with a glass of mulled wine and warm mince pie!

The photo above was taken in a field near to our village!


  1. Es encantador, Abdy!! Parece como estar viviendo en un cuento!! Un abrazo enorme!!

  2. Hola Pedrete, sí, se ve como una tierra de hadas! La nieve se ha derretido un poco desde esta mañana, pero es suficiente mirar demasiado encantador!

    Grandes abrazos mi amigo xx

  3. Hola Andy! Es una vista maravillosa!Saludos!

  4. Oh lovely! The snow will give the carol concert a such wonderful atmosphere! I'm hoping for some snow here soon too, but the temperatures are still too high.
    Have a wonderful evening!

  5. That is postcard-worthy! How beautiful! Enjoy the concert!

  6. Very pretty! Enjoy your carol concert (and the mulled wine) x

  7. Oh how divine Andy,

    We miss that kind of magic here, it must be so lovely. It's a beautiful image did you or David take it? The area you live in looks very pretty.

    Have a wonderful evening, and an extra glass of wine for me! And you enjoy that mince pie....... ; )

    Fi x

  8. Hello everyone, thank you for the messages you've left1

    the concert was great, freezing cold, but fun, there were lots of kids running about enjoying themselves and playing with sparklers that were being handed out (the grownups all got packets of gingerbread porridge to try!) Santa came to hand out sweets and the band did a wonderful job inspite of the cold. My feet got frozen but the hot mulled wine helped to warm me up!

    PS to Fi, the photo is actually from the internet, as David went off for a walk without his camera, and I was too snuggled up in bed!! ;)

    love to all! xx