Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Kensington Christmas

Venturing forth into the cruel winter weather, to the great Metropolis, I found myself at the Kensington Dolls House Festival Christmas show. (though I have to say it didn't feel much more like Christmas inside than it does in the May show, I don't even remember seeing a Christmas tree!). It was very busy, with a large crowd in the main hall, so I took a while to work my way around the stalls, but enjoyed seeing the fine work on show.

The problem with a show at Christmas is that I have spent a lot of my money on Christmas presents already (and was busy wrapping them all day on Friday!) so didn't have as much to spend as I might have wanted, but picked up some treasures, Pictured above.

Some more books by Ellie De Lacy, including a miniature copy of Vitruvius Britannicus! I absolutely love these books, they are all hand bound with printed pages.

This wonderful spice chest by Sandy Eismont, all the drawers open up! I'm a big fan of Sandy's work, and always look out for new items on his stall, he specialises in Tudor period items, but many of his pieces can be used for other periods too.

A beautifully detailed frame from John and Sue Hodgson, it's only a small one, but they do a variety of sizes and designs!

Hand painted plates by Victoria Fasken. I have bought other pieces by Victoria in the past because I love the colours and designs she uses. Not sure if Georgians would have put plates on the wall, so not sure what to do with these plates yet, but I fell in love with them when I saw them!

The fruit and bread are made by Mouse House Miniatures, another maker that I am a big fan of. I could just eat that bread! The tinned soup is from Shepherd Miniatures.

The cushion is going on the four poster bed in my Georgian bedroom, made by Pedrete Miniatures, sadly he was not there when I bought it, along with a box of playing cards from his friend Matilde Mora, who was sharing the stand with Pedrete.

And finally, something to mark the Christmas occasion, a holly wreath! made by the Flower Lady, I love the finish on this wreath, though it hasn't photographed well!, look at those tiny red berries!

For those who are interested, Fortnum's had a wonderfully exotic display, based on the Folie Bergere, with dancing girls and feathers a go go! The shop was PACKED! so I made a swift exit over the road to Degas, which was beautiful, and also the soviet art and architecture display also on at the RA and well worth a look. they have even recreated Tatlin Tower in the court Yard outside! It was just so crowded on the tubes and main streets of London I escaped into Soho, and had a pleasant stroll through the quieter streets there as I walked back to Euston Station.


  1. Great purchases Andy, really great. I love Victoria faskin's pieces, and she is so charming. The architecture book looks very convincing, they'll look perfect on the shelves in your library. I also like the mantel clock. I am SO going in May...

  2. What a nice stuff you have purchased.
    I find the plates beautiful and the spicechest also.
    I would really like to come to London to see the show.

    Thanks for your report and good luck with your beautiful purchases.

    Greetings, Alexandra.

  3. Cool stuff, Andy! Too bad you missed Pedrete. I've never been to a DH Show, but there's one in Chicago in April that I am going to try and attend. I can see I better start saving up for it!

    That book is amazing --and so perfect for you!

  4. I love all your purchases, especially the plates, my real house walls are full of them. I am not sure about displaying plates directly on a wall of a Georgian house, but they certainly displayed them on hanging shelves and those built-in corner cabinets.

  5. Hello Andy,
    You certainly have a great eye! The spice chest is to die for, and I love the books and plates...I love every single piece. I also loved your Random Christmas post.
    All the ebst,

  6. Hi Simon, still can't get used to you being here in the comments box! thanks, I like Victoria Fasken's pieces too, I am tempted to buy a dining set from her, rather than one from Stokesay wear as originally planned, but we shall see what we shall see!

  7. Thank you Alexanra, I am pleased you like what I purchased, I hope you make it to the show one day soon, or can find a show near you!

  8. Hi John, I hope you make it to the Chicago show, I have heard the American shows are great!, take PLENTY of cash with you!

    I was thrilled to find the Campbell book, my eyes lit up when I saw it!

  9. Hi Elga, I was wondering where to put the plates, a shelf might work, or maybe they would look ok set on the mantle shelf above the fireplace? Thanks for the advice!

  10. Hi Giac, many thanks, I was very impressed by the spice cabinet, it's a lovely piece, just got to place it in house somewhere now!

    Nice to hear that you're also enjoying the Christmas posts, there's loads more to come (another 20 at least!) so keep your eye out for them. mind you thay are starting to go a little of teh dolls house tracks now, as you will see over the next few days!!

    Great work on your library by the way!

  11. Hi Andy,

    It's post mania around here and I can barely keep up. I love all your little goodies, the spice cabinet is gorgeous the plates are divine but i think Sponge bobs house is my Favourite......he,he!!

    ML Fi x

  12. Yes, I do seem to have a whole pineapple obsession going on don't I!!

  13. ¡Oh Dios mio, Andy! Apenas me retiré de la mesa y cuando lo hago tú me visitas! Que horror! Me habría gustado mucho saludarte! Espero poder hacerlo la próxima vez! Un saludo enorme, mi buen amigo!

  14. Hola Pedrete, me encantó la hermosa obra que había creado para el show, espero que vende todo! Voy a estar seguro para decir hola en el próximo show! Me encantó tu tienda de chocolate, a pesar de cómo encontró tiempo para hacer eso cuando tenía mucho trabajo que hacer para Kensington yo no lo sé, lo que es una inspiración que son!

    muchos abrazos para ti mi amigo, y saludos de cumpleaños tardía!

    Andy xx

  15. Lots lovely nice purchases there, Andy. You did well. I think the little spice chest is marvellous.

  16. Thanks Irene, as a keen eye for great products yourself, I shall take that as a fine compliment! I love the spice chest too, not sure where to put it yet though!

    Hope you are OK up there, have heard about the gale force wind, bridge closures and power cuts, hope you're safe and warm at home!