Sunday, 11 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 11

I might have mentioned my annual Christmas treat of going to Fortnum and Mason to see the Christmas windows, and do a little shopping while I'm there! This year they were FAB! So I thought I would share some images with you. The theme this year is show girls, which isn't particularly Christmassy, but the colours and kitsch make it wonderful!

and the theme continued inside...

Plum and pink colours with feathers on the Christmas trees

These are actually dancing girls dressed as birds in little wire cages hanging in the central staircase


  1. Thanks for these John, I doubt I would hve seen them otherwise. Odd choice of theme I agree but what a show! I love the plum and pink colors.
    Hope the back is getting better
    Si x

  2. He,He, Si.......isn't this Andy's blog.......LOL!! Are you sleepy.....; )

    Andy, these are divine!!

    It is an unusual choice but must look so spectacular. The Peacock one is my favourite. I wish I could see it!!!

    What about that tree.....does this one pass muster John??

    Well done Andy!!

    Fi xx

  3. P.S Si,

    I've been meaning to say, it's so good to see your comments around now!!

  4. Hi Simon! the back is bearing up, still not right by a long way, but I'm doing fine. Yes, I love those colours too, and the theme is fun, much more exciting than the dull windows of the store I work at!

    here's a big hint to those nosey people out there (Hi Fi!! ;oD) who want to know the name of the store I work at; Santa is working there this year too!

  5. Well Fi, I am too polite to mention anything! lol.

    John probably ran a mile when he saw the subject matter of this blog, poor chap!!

    One of the show girls in the dressing room scene reminds me of someone I used to work with! Not that I ever saw her dressed like that!

  6. Ooooh, I am soo nosey.......

    Is it Marks and Spencers or I getting warm????

  7. well it's niether of those two stores, so pretty cold so far!! ;)

  8. Harvey Nichols



    Hamleys Toys

    I'm running out of stores I can remember.....can I have some more clues please????

    And don't forget I'm on the other side of the world!!

  9. Many pink,in the Netherlands pink is in this year for Christmas.
    In the Netherlands, they are very Summary with the Christmas decorations in stores.
    I can remember that I ever was in London and in Paris, and that I've seen beautiful Christmas Windows.
    I find the atmosphere so nice and cosy.
    I love a bit of luxury

    Greetings, Alexandra

  10. Hello everyone!

    LOL! Funny thing is those windows look like I might have styled them! Andy, were we not just talking about 'hooker Christmas?' I LOVE them! You made the Grinch's heart grow ten times and break the scale! (American/Dr. Suess reference).

  11. Great to hear a bit of cheer in your voice John (cyberly speaking)

    Poor Darl.

    Fi x

  12. Well Fi, I'm tempted to say Grace Brothers, but as I understand it, due to much tittering from people I have met who have travelled to Austrailia, you actually have a store there called Grace Brothers.

    Why is that funny to us Brits (of a certain age)? There was a sit-com way back in the 1970s called 'Are you being served' set in a department store called Grace Brothers, It was particularly British end of the pier humour, (mostly regarding Mrs Slocombe's pussy). I find my store very much along those lines.

    I thought telling you that Santa has got a part time job selling TVs, refering to an older post, might have given you a big enough clue, but never mind, here's another clue for you;

    The shop is called John Lewis

    Think that might give you an idea! ;oD

    Andy xx

  13. Hi Alexandra,

    I don't know much about how the Dutch celebrate Christmas, do you have any traditions?

    Summery Christmas decorations sound interesting, particularly in bleak, cold December. Mind you it's Summer in Austrailia right now! Do you have fake snow in Oz Fi?

    Strangely, Nordic Christmas style decorations seems to be particularly fashionable here in the UK!

  14. Hi John!

    What a lovely sentiment, Happpy Hooker Christmas one ane all! Pleased you like the windows, hope they are a tonic from fake snow and glitter!

    Hey I love the Grinch! I'd be with him stealing the Roast Beast from the Whovile Who Feast! I remember Green Eggs and Ham too!

    I'm such a big kid!!

  15. Hey, big kid!

    My favorite part about the Grinch is when he steels the Christmas tree by closing it up like an umbrella. And I love his dog, Max, poor pup!

    MRS. SLOCOMBE! SHE IS AWESOME! "Tell the Postman to bend over, look in my slot and if he sees my pussy, drop a sardine on the mat!"

    That show has been in re-runs here since the day one! Don't get me started on Mr. Humphries.

  16. Captain Peacock? Mr Humphries,Mr Granger?

    I'm in the same camp as John (oops! Pardon the pun) re runs from day one and as for Grace Brothers.......

    GB is more Sydney than Melbourne, they actually merged with Myer the Melbourne department chain and then became Myer Australia wide,so no more GB, I walked my feet off in there today, I had a look at their Christmas windows and after seeing your F & M pictures ( don't miss pronounce that by the way) I walked away with my nose in the air.....pathetic!!

    Now, as for John Lewis, I had to google because I had no idea........How on earth did I manage to miss that on Oxford Street!!!!

    They are massive!! Santa must be kept very busy with his TV's!! I so didn't get that hint!!

    Staff discount any one???

    I promis next post I clean up my act but considering the topic I couldn't resist...... ; )

  17. Hi John, yes love that scene too!

    Dear Mr Humphries, as camp as Christmas!

    Speaking of which...

    If I can I'll add the scene with the Christmas Display Unit, which always makes me laugh!

  18. Ah Fi! so you knew what I was talking about regarding Grace Brothers, what a shame the shop has changed its name in Oz!

    I don't work in teh London store, a smaller one closer to home, the most notable thing about JL, apart from the curious loyalty of its customers, is that it is a co-owned business, that is, the people who work there (and at Waitrose, the John Lewis Partnership food shops) effectively own the store, and all share in its profits, rather than share holders! Oh and I can't share staff discount with people who don't live with me, or I get the boot!!

    Please don't clean up anything about you, you're lovely as you are Fi!

  19. Your a darling Andy,

    I did read that about JL and was quite impressed, I think more big corporates should offer the same, it inspires loyalty and stability within the ranks and with the currant EcSt it's beneficial to all. I think the rest of the world should follow.

    Damn on the staff discount!!

  20. Well there has been a lot of talk about going John Lewis in the UK, for the Post Office, NHS etc (though I wish Government would just leave that alone!) But there are a lot of people around who would be horrified at the idea!