Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 7

I read today in The Guardian that tasteful Christmas trees are over and it's all about kitsch and colour. I am sure they said the same kind of thing last year too, and I remember Liberty's selling various kitsch baubles last year too (at eye-watering prices of £20-£30 a pop!). Personally, I think they have missed a trick, who WOULDN'T want a Hello Kitty littered tree in their home at Christmas!? OK well, me for one, but someone is obviously a BIG fan!!

Perhaps making toy trees is a new trend after all, I have seen an AMAZING Lego tree that I would LOVE to have in my back garden, installed at St Pancras Station in London, If you get a chance, and love Lego as much as I do, please take a look at it, for those who can't , here are some pics!

And if you've never seen St Pancras station (more accurately the Midland Grand Hotel and St Pancras Station) here it is in Lego form as well!


  1. Hey Andy. I love lego too. I used to pay my Sister to play with me (I grew out of that by 17years). Imagine the work that went into them. I think I'll stick with traditional trees - large and small.
    Si x

  2. Love the Lego, I actually use my grown-up children's Lego for making gluing jigs for my miniature furniture.

  3. O wow! I had not seen any of your random Christmas posts yet, but what fun!
    Great buys from Kensington. Love the books and the plates. That house in the snow is great! I love that snow covered car in the drive, makes it look so realistic.
    I don't want Hello Kitty in my tree either, but I do love tacky and colourfull glass baubles, depicting Santa or cats or gifts etc. The Lego tree is fantastic! Wouldn't mind having that in the house either, except building it each year would take quite a long time I think ;)

  4. Hi Elga, yes Lego is useful for that sort of thing, I have a big stash of lego in my shed. Perhaps not surprisingly, I used to build houses out of it!!

  5. Hi Josje, thanks for your message, pleased you're enjoying my Christmas posts, plenty more to come, as it's my own sort of advent countdown to Christmas. I'm looking for images of particularly fun Christmas baubles to post on here, I do like some fun at Christmas!

    I don't know how many people were involved in building the Lego tree, but it must have taken ages as you say!

    I've been enjoying your blog too, what beautiful workmanship in those cabinets and I love your kitchen model, and canal house too!

  6. Si, did I just read that message corrrectly? you used to PAY your sister to play Lego with you? I used to keep it all to myself, no sisters allowed! I'm a fan of traditional trees too, we have two here every year, one in the conservetory and one on the landing, all my Kitsch Christmas stuff ends up on the kitchen dresser!

  7. Now Andy, what you don't realise is, that Si is in fact a Gemini and Gemini's are very social, one must have a friend to play with. And Si, you know you could always pay her now to play with you and "Clarence Place"

    As for the Hello Kitty tree I'm surprised at you all!! I feel I must reveal to you Andy that Mia and I have decorated a tree in your honour and covered it in Sponge bobs and Pineapples and used Patrick as the star!! We were planning to unveil it to you this weekend, you've spoiled the surprise!!!

    The lego tree is amazing, the things they can create, never ceases to amaze me. We also played with lego, we used to have an original lego wooden box from the 70s with a red lid and all the bits you could imagine in it. The scary thing is i had it and I'm worried I got rid of it recently. :/

  8. "Gone! Gone! Gone are the tres-tired, traditional trappings of yester-Christmas! --This holiday season, Dame Fashion decrees we're MAD for MOD!"

  9. I'm enjoying your Random Christmas Posts. It must take you some time to search them all. I love the Lego tree - to think that someone actually sat down and thought it all out!

  10. Oh dear, I do like a nice traditional tree myself, NEVER red and gold though, I stick to silver and gold with a touch of white! I can live with being out of fashion!

    Aren't you having ANY decorations in your home this year John?

  11. Hi Irene, yes, they must have been planing that Lego tree for some time! even the baubles must have needed some thought, as Lego doesn't lend it self to spherical objects very well!

    pleased you're enjoying the Christmas posts!