Friday, 23 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 24!!!

Yes, this comes a little early, as I will be too busy tomorrow to have much time for the blog, I thought I'd post this a day early. It is the Christmas Card David and I sent out last year, Our favourite soft toys were used to create a rather touching bear nativity scene. I hope you enjoy it!

Joseph with the Virgin Beary and the little baby Cheeses!
Merry Christmas every one, may it bring peace and joy! Warmest wishes for the New Year!!


  1. ¡¡Me parece una tarjeta encantadora!! Feliz Navidad y que el año próximo, venga cargado de todo lo mejor!! Un abrazo enorme!!

  2. gracias Pedrete, ¡Feliz Navidad!

    abrazos enormes xx

  3. Cute!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. Thank You Drora, you too! xx

  5. That is too adorable for words, Andy! (I wonder if I could pose my two dogs and my kitty like that). Hey --a few years ago I sent out a X-mas card that had the three wise men on it with wrapped gifts for baby Jesus and the caption read: "I brought you gold!" "I brought you frankincense and myrrh!" And you open the card and it says: "And I brought you the CUTEST pair of cha-cha heels!" lol.

    I am so thrilled to have met you in the blogoshere, Andy...I absolutely adore 'Dollshouses and Miniatures' and look forward to learning all sorts of fascinating, new tidbits from you in the pending New Year!

    Wishing you & David a way-wondrous Yuletide celebration!

    Holly Jolly!

  6. A very Merry Christmas to you too Andy. It's been fun getting to know you in Blogland.

  7. Merry Christmas my friend, I hope you have a wonderful time. x

  8. Gorgeous.....on I think mia might try to duplicate!!

    I second John and Irenes comment.

    I have had so much fun getting to know you and the others in blog land. I have learned so much and had so many laughs.....month ago I would never imagined!!

    Thank You Andy.

    Wishing you and David the Merriest Of Days.........

    ML Fi xxxx

  9. Oh I LOVE this!!!! The Virgin Beary and the Baby Cheeses are just Impossibly CUTE! They beat all my Nativities hands down!
    Very Merry Christmas to You!

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you! for all those kind words and best wishes!

    I am pleased to have 'met' you all, and to have found so many others who share my interest in miniatures and dolls houses. Your words of encouragement mean the world to me, and thanks also for the useful tips and advice over the past few months!

    I hope you have enjoyed the recent wave of Christmas posts, just a bit of fun, and not always on dolls houses, but I've had a great time posting them!

    The new year will bring lots of interestng new ideas I hope, and I will show you all my latest dolls house project, which has been kept under wraps for now.

    Happy New Year everone!

  11. Dulce escena.
    Cálida y extrañable