Sunday, 18 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 17

On Friday I made the first stage of my gingerbread house, cutting out the shapes and baking them, I have yet to assemble the house. I can't claim to have had any input into the house above, which I love! However, my does at least have real windows! I can't wait to assemble and decorate mine!

here's another very impressive gingerbread house, It puts mine to shame really! The roof looks great and I love all the fine detail, it could almost be a dollshouse! When I have finished mine, I'll try and upload a picture for you.

As this should be a blog about dollshouses and miniatures, I thought I'd better include something for the dolls house here. This wonderful miniature is available from I want one!! they are £35.00. This is a great website for miniature food, there are also miniature Christmas puddings, Turkey dinners, and even goats cheese tartlets for your vegetarian dolls!


  1. All gorgeous!!

    The teeny, tiny one is so cute but at 35 pounds, $60 I think I will have a go at making one myself.

    The other two are not just yummy looking but pretty too. I cant wait to see your Ginger Bread house!!

    Hurry up and get Baking!!

    Fi xx

  2. This is more like it! I'm with Fi though and would probably try to make one myself - £35. can go towards Christmas "cheer". I will have a look though as there's always Santa...
    (Fi, did you manage to get any more sleep?)

  3. Good luck with your gingerbread house, Andy! (I know from experience how tough they can be). Good call to break it down and not do it all at once!

    I hope you have a very, Merry Christmas, Andy!!!

  4. Hi Si,

    yes I went back to bed and caught a few more zzzd's. Lucky the kids are finnished for the year. Back in the shops at 9 am to finnish off the last of the Christmas's never ending!!!


  5. Well we have just had the first of our Christmas feasts here, I've been busy cooking so not had much time for blogging lately! Have a few hours off now!

    The gingerbread house will have to wait until Friday now for its final assembly and decoration, but that's fine, will try and get pictures when done.