Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 14

Hello Dear Reader,

Having just finished trimming the last of the decorations for Christmas, I thought I would show you a selection of personal favourites  to hang on your tree!(although some probably wouldn't be given house room here!). There is, I think, a fine line between Kitsch and downright tacky, and I hope to clarify that a little here too!

We'll start with Kitsch;

I do like Polar Bears, and this one is quite sweet, it's a jaw-dropping £150 from Liberty! It is also too big to go on a tree by the way, more a statement piece!  

these are both colourful and fun, I might actually have these on my Christmas kitsch-en dresser! available from Paperchase.

Tourist Tat maybe, but in perfect colours for Christmas! I actually think this is just the right side of Kitsch!

Likewise this Double Decker bus! All available from Historic Royal Palaces website

For a little more serious minded folk, how about this Henry VIII bauble, doesn't come with his six wives though sadly!   

Well it is certainly kitsch, and would suit the colours on my tree! Animals are very popular it seems. I do regret not buying a crocodile in a tutu last year!
Mind you, there's always this one, cute, but not quite my scene!  
Aww! pretty Kitty! My sister would love this one!
Now this is just getting silly!

An unusual Christmas choice, but I know someone who would love it!

Bright and colourful, full of Christmas cheer, I do like these! Both from Paperchase.
The following have been chosen especially for Fi! Well she did say it was the theme for her tree this year, and I want to see photos!!

Neither big nor Swedish, but it's gotta add some sparkle to your tree hasn't it!? ;)
Go on Fi, you know you want them!!!!
The following are not Kitsch, they are just very, very wrong!!

Maybe, just maybe, if you're a huge fan of Dr Who, you might get away with using these on your tree, but otherwise I think not!
What the....? This isn't good, it's a bit sad!
And finally! who actually sat down and thought that this would be a great product!? it's HATEFUL!

There, I hope that has helped in some small way, to solve any last minute decorating dilemmas


  1. They start off well, and end, err, well??
    I like the Henry VIII deco. My sister has amassed aome pretty shocking Chrismtas decorations mor through default, one in particular is of an ice skating poodle holding a tray of drinks! Not a good look at any timie of the year!

  2. Andy, Andy,

    As you can imagine, I am LoLing very much!! I cannot believe you found Sponge bob and co, just wait till Mia see's them, I'm sure they will be cut and paste and sent to all her friends.

    As for the Sweedish Pineapple, I would actually like to see a tree covered in know it could almost work.

    The others are delightful, Mia and I were taken by Babushka decorations whilst shopping, we do have a Big Ben on our tree from our last trip ( Mia was quite taken by Big Ben) and the little animals are "Tres Cute"

    As for the others I completely agree.

    I'm still chuckling about Sponge bob and the pineapple. I saw a cushion the other day with a pineapple on it and thought of you, I'm still thinking about buying it, I smile every time I see it.

    Love the post Andy,you've made my day...... ; )

    Fi xx

  3. Santa in a leather thong and tramp-stamp? Putting the 'ho back into Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Last week I saw many of the animals you showed already marked down 70% at Macy's! (When I worked there, they at least waited till the 26th)! I almost bought a pink poodle reclining on a chaise sipping a cocktail.

    I love the Russian ornaments and I have tons of them, mostly brightly painted dolls and wooden toys. They go great with my marionettes from Prague...oh, I kind of miss them!

  4. Son diferentes pero divertidas.
    Mil besos...Julia

  5. ¡¡Dios mio, que cosa tan horrenda!! jajaja!! ¿Hay quién compre estas cosas...? Un abrazo enorme!!

  6. Hi Simon, well I suppose we can allow a few taste misjudgements at Christmas, but an drink bearing, ice scating poodle is pushing the limits! LOL!

  7. Hi Fi, so pleased that you have enjoyed the sponge bob and pinaapple decorations!! I knew they would be just what you were looking for! Yes, I think a Pineapple covered tree might just be possible, you could even add little bottles of white rum for a Pina Colada tree!, and get very merry indeed over Christmas!

    I'm still contemplating buying the Rusian dolls, but I will need to be quick, the stores are starting to look like they have been attacked by Christmas eating locusts! I went to Homebase the other day, looking for some lights, and the slat walls were picked virtually clean, just the odd unloved (well they were ugly) bauble here and there, it was a little depressing to see!

    You simply MUST buy that cushion!!

  8. John, are you weakening again, do I detect a pang for your Russian Christmas toys and marionettes?

    There's no harm in having a few out somewhere, no one is going to judge you because of it!

    As for the pink poodle, well...!!!

    The shops here are discounting wildly too, it's not been a good Christmas in Retail Land! What store do you work in now?

  9. Hola Pedrete, supongo que alguien en algún lugar está comprando! La locura! Muchos abrazos para ti también!

  10. Me complace que los disfruté Julia, abrazos para ti!