Sunday, 4 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 4

OK, I know that there is nothing very Christmassy about this image, but there was something about it that appealed to me, perhaps it was the two co-habiting gentlemen with cats that caught my eye!? but no, it reminds me of those IKEA catalogue pictures, and turns out I'm not far wrong! This image comes from a new book, I DESPERATELY want for Christmas!!!!

 Isn't it FAB!!!! it even looks like a branch of some cool Scandinavian furniture store on the cover!! I want it, I want it, I want it! (please don't make me have a 'Female Trouble' attack (thanks John!)  on Christmas morning Santa!!) Unfortunately, it is not YET available on Amazon in the UK, BAH!


  1. Hi Andy. Looking closely at the second image, there's a few pieces that could work in even a more traditional house. I'm more a traditionalist in terms of decour but I can't help but love the look of the modern pieces.
    Great post, keep 'em coming...

  2. I live in a house filled with traditional furniture, and love it, I also like the scandinavian pieces which is why I would love this book, if I haven't already made that clear enough!! lol

    The modern pieces would never really work in my real house, but I would like to try making a cool 1950's house as a project.

  3. LOL! This book is your equivalent of Dawn Davenport's cha-cha heels!

    "My parents better get me those cha-cha heels --I ASKED and I better GET!"

  4. Now Andy, I just want to know which one is you and which one is David? I'm guessing David is in the blue skivvy????

    Now as for that gorgeous book I think I want one too.....and the Scandinavian furniture would go perfectly in my House,(real one) some have suggested that my house was designed by a Scandinavian which would not be that unusual given the eclectic melting pot of Architecture around here! My house is very modern which is why I think I I love period Doll Houses, I'm venting!!!

    I'm loving these post Andy.....they are sooo much Fun!!!

    Fi xx

  5. Hi John, LOLOL! Yeah David might find himself trapped under the uprooted Christmas tree if I don't get what I want, I loved that scene on your blog, thanks for posting it!!!

  6. My dear Fi, As I understood it from your recent message, you live in a Giant Pineapple, like Sponge Bob, except yours is above the water line, does that sound very Scandinavian to you?!! lol.

    we do have the less extreme IKEA Billy bookcases in the study and our Finnish friends send us stuff every Christmas too, glassware etc, so we aren't all antique here, but an Eames chair is never going to look right next to the furniture we have! I do love the scandi look though!

    I guess the one nearest the door is most likely David, he's still wearing his flared denim from the 1970's! he looks like he's been smoking something funny though by his facial expression!

  7. My Dearest Andy, Didn't you know that Pineapples are indeed very Scandinavian!!! And, I am as I type, sitting on ( no Joke) a replica Eames chair, and I do live close to the water line but not under it, although it has been known to come through the celling (fresh water) now that the drought of 10 years has broken!!!

    And do tell David that maybe he needs to trim his sideburns!! That weed isn't doing him any good!!

    Fi xx......; )

  8. Well Fi I take it all back , your fab Scandi pineapple crib sounds the last word in cool!

    As for David, tell me about it, have you seen what he draws!! He MUST be on something! lol