Sunday, 4 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 2

I think that this is the saddest Christmas tree I have ever seen, a vintage Triang dolls house tree, I think it may have once lit up too! I bet it was much loved by the original owner! It does look a little like the tree we had when we were kids at home, made of tinsel and a bit sparse!


  1. Oh! It is a little sad! Here in the States we would call that a 'Charlie Brown' tree.

  2. Oh, sad but cute.....I do think it looks like it was much loved once, thank goodness, nothing worse than an unloved Christmas Tree, Just ask Phoebe from looks like it's for filled its destiny.

  3. Hi John, is that Charlie Brown as in Snoopy? I used to like those cartoons when I was a kid, don't think they are shown here anymore, unless locked into one of the Sky channels we refuse to subscribe to.

  4. Hi Fi,

    I guess it's branches are drooping because it's getting on in years rather than just a bit sad! Yes, I hope it was well loved! ;)

    ps, anything David tells you about me on his blog is a wicked lie!!!!! (unless he's being nice about me!)lol!

  5. No conocía tu blog y tienes miniaturas preciosas, gracias por la invitación a ver ese precioso árbol de lego.
    Encantada de ser una nueva seguidora tuya.
    Mil besos...Julia

  6. Hola Julia, bienvenida a mi blog. Me alegro de que usted está disfrutando de tener un vistazo! Gracias por sus amables palabras!

    Andy xx