Friday, 23 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 23

Which Santa?

The time is fast approaching when Father Christmas/Santa will be visiting all the little (and big) kids to deliver his Christmas Surprises! (He'd better, I asked and I'd better get!! thanks John again!! lol) But surely our dolls houses all need a Christmas visitor too?

So I have searched high and low for suitable santas for the dolls house. My findings are as follows;

Santa Number One, not very impressive, a little too thin, and the beard doesn't look real!
Santa Number Two, even less impressive than Santa One, a rather cheerless Santa this one!
Santa Number Three, a resin Santa, who looks about the right size, and quite jolly too, he's Ok, would be fine, but I'm sure there must be a better Santa out there!

Santa Number Four. Now this Santa looks like he plays rugby in his spare time, and though I'd be happy to wake and find him filling my stocking, I think he lacks a certain something! yes clothes, that's it!

Santa Number Five, now he is PERFECT! I love this one, his cloak, beard and sack of toys, a real old Father Christmas! This one gets my vote as best Santa!


  1. OMG! I think I need to go out RIGHT NOW and get TOILE DE JOIE TATTOOS!!! The PERFECT MIX of trashy ELEGANZA!!! Santa #4 is FIERCE!

  2. Yeah John, have to agree, and I'd be happy to sit on his knee and tell him what I wanted for Christmas! I like the Toile De Joie ink work too! ;)

  3. LOL! "Santa, I have been a very, very, bad boy, this year!"

    I had to check out toile Santa, again --I think I need to get out my sewing basket!

  4. I think i'll just leave you two to it.....he,he!!

    Fi x

  5. Hello Andy!
    I want to wish you a belated "Happy Christmas".
    I have been following your blog since you posted the Georgian House and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading about and seeing your work. Your House is beautiful and well thought out!
    I love all the photos you shared in December! Thank you for posting them.
    Warm regards,
    Ray Whitledge

  6. Hi Ray, thanks for your kind comments, good to hear from you, I understand you have a new blog, looking forward to seeing that soon!

    Hope you had a good Christmas too, best wishes for the new year!

  7. Fi, it's not like you to be coy! I wonder if John ever got to his sewing basket!?!! ;)