Sunday, 4 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 3

Being a huge fan of Lego, I loved this sweet little gingerbread house made of tiny Lego bricks! I make my own Gingerbread house every Christmas, will have to get some photos of the one I do this year so you can all see, even if you can't eat any!! (that's my job!!!)


  1. I used to LOVE my Legos! I've made gingerbread houses in the past and I know how putsy they can be, so good luck!

  2. Oh, too cute and so teeny tiny.

  3. I've been searching on the web for images of gingerbread houses that would look good for my advent thing I have going on here, my look tragic compared to some of the ones I have seen. I'm not even talking about the people who build an entire new house out of gingerbread either! I shall have to get more creative with my Smarties and Jelly Tots this year!