Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Few More Miniatures... And Some Sewing!!!!!

OK, so we're not talking the 'Great British Sewing Bee' here, but the very fact I picked up a needle and thread is a minor miracle! I am not a good seamstress, it doesn't come naturally to me at all, The few stitches I had to do for this pelmet were quite a trial, the thread got caught up often, got itself into a tangle I couldn't undo, and was generally a rather ham-fisted affair! The sewing is a practice, I intend to do more, and hope to get better at it too! I have quite a few sewing projects coming up soon. 

Anyway, the pelmet and shelf I built are for the pub kitchen, to go above the window above the sink. 

I bought a few other miniatures whilst at Kensington recently, destined for the pub kitchen. These include a copy of Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book, a copper jug and bottle of Zebo grate polish. 

Mrs Beeton's book was a hugely popular collection of recipes, household tips and social advice. It was first published in 1861. Isabella Beeton was 21 when she began work on the book, and sadly died only a few years later aged 28. The book is still published today. we still have David's mother's copy given as a wedding present in the 1950s!

So, when I saw this miniature copy, complete with illustrations and just about legible recipes, I snapped it up! 

This miniature book is made by Et Cetera and comes complete with a hand written miniature recipe for marmalade tucked inside!!!

Here is the shelf and pelmet in position above the sink. I found a few other items to join the jug and Zebo polish on the shelf, some jars I purchased at a local dolls house show a few months ago. 

And here it is with everything back in place. I think it brings some much needed colour to this room, as the grey is a bit cold looking. It also provides some useful space to display a few of my miniatures too   (the kitchen table was getting far too full up with things!!)

So, what will I be sewing next!!? I wonder! ;o)