Thursday, 8 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 8

Looks like Father Christmas (AKA Santa) has become yet another victim of the Global Economic Downturn, and has been forced to get a temporary Christmas job at John Lewis! Is that TV 3D, HD, Wi-Fi, and Oven Ready Santa? (actually it looks more like a speed camera! Not that I have EVER driven above 30MPH! Ok, OK 80MPH (but only on the motorway ...and then only the straight bits ...and then only when no one is looking!!! ...I think I may be going off subject a little here!)


  1. Ahhhh, now Andy I am keeping up, in fact I'm right behind you!! You must be up late.

    Love an off the topic subject!!

    You know Andy I never speed but I do always stand beside my television like that lovely lady in that was a horrible song......but I'm not expecting you to remember that one Andy.

    Fi xx

  2. Well Fi, technically, I wasn't speeding either, as our "brilliant" government decided the only way to boost the UK economy was to sort of say that they might raise speed limits on motorways from 70 to 80 MPH so that business people can get from one meeting to the next quicker, thus saving the UK billions of pounds, can't say I see the logic (oh yes, silly me, there isn't any!). Rant over.

    No, sadly I am not young enough, no matter how hard I try to convince myself otherwise, to have missed that "glorious" treat by Chris De Blurgh!

    It's 20:20h here!

  3. So funny Andy, I sat hear chuckling at your conversation with Fi. (hey Fi x)

  4. Love this vintage picture! Simpler times, they were! :-)

  5. Up late too dear Si?

    Dont even go back to Christmas stuff No 6.......Devo......Si......????

  6. Yes Jennifer, I love it too and we must get back on track!!

    It is in fact a lovely picture, and some times I think it would have been far less complicated back then.......mind you, I probably would have had to have my Husbands dinner on the table at 6pm sharp and put my lippy on before he arrived.

    Fi xx

    I think I just went of track again......Get Mia to school Fiona!!

  7. Hi Si, feel free to join in!!

  8. Hi Jennifer, I like this image too, it has a vintage charm, before things got too clever for their own good! I can't tell if its a montage or actual photo, any idea?

  9. I just don't see you in a housecoat making meatloaf, whatever that is, and wearing Elizabeth Arden Eden Red lipstick, before your husband returned from a hard day eyeing up the typist at the office Fi! I imagine he'd end up with gravy in his lap for suggesting it!!!

    Now what was this blog about again!? .....

  10. Right on the money there Andy.

    I am the guilty party for distracting the focus, but Si knows about that.

    And I do love this image, the red and pale blue together is typical of the era. I am trying to work out the speed camera though, is that the side view
    with the dials on the side?

    I have 40 kids and their parents coming for a break up party at 4 so i have to get moving!!

  11. Sorry I missed the party!

    I was going to do a red and teal Christmas two or three years ago when we tossed all our red lights and red damask draperies at the department store. But I just couldn't go there. Far more satisfying to throw the lot in the dumpster, throw the switch, and listen to all the glass shattering under the compactor!

    And no, Andy, I am NOT decorating! If you want to see the last time I decorated, go to the very beginning of my blog and click on the 'Happy Holidays' and the 'Merry Christmas' posts.

    I might drag out my cardboard palace, I almost stepped on it down in the cellar the other night.

  12. That pale blue and red colour scheme reminds me of Woolworths (RIP) I used to love that store when I was younger, it was like a Temple of Wonder! I'd go there to look at all the latest Lego, as it was the only shop that sold toys, it was also the only place to buy records (RIP) in town, as I grew up in a very small town on the coast in Kent. They used to have red and pale blue floor tiles, and the carrier bagswere those colours for a while. I was sad to see the store empty when I went back home visiting my family.

    Yes speed cameras are basically metal boxes on teh side of the road with a couple of holes in the Fi, that's why the TV set reminded me of one, and sent me off on a strange tangent!!

    Well John, I have looked at those pics in the past, and they look great! but I can understand why you get sick of Christmas, working with its trappings and trimmings for months! Your store sounds very plush! Red lights and drapes, was there a brothel in there somewhere?! ;)

  13. Hey Andy,

    I loved your story about Woolworths, nostalgia is a wonderful thing and I have been known to get caught up in it my self.I think when your young it's easier to get pleasure out of simple things.

    Paul also grew up in kent, in the Medway towns, I haven't been to any of the coastal towns apart from Dover to catch the Hovercraft. ( I'm green just thinking about it) Which coastal town did you live in?

    I get the speed camera thing but I was wondering why Santa was showing the side......I guess he just wants to show us how wonderfully slim line the T.V is.

    Oh John, you must be so feed up! All that decorating can really sap the life out of you. I've just finished 3 Christmas/graduation events and I'm over it, so you must be exhausted, especially battling with the cold too.

    Fi xx

  14. Girls, I ALMOST broke down and decorated the house after recently watching 'A Christmas Carol' (1970's, George C Scott, made-for-tv-version), and thought, "great, I am SO Ebeneezer." But then I realized I was just being manipulated by the media and came to my senses. Whew! (That was close)!

    A brothel, Andy? I'm sure you meant that in a fabby way, lol!

  15. Hi Fi, I grew up in a town called Deal, which is 8 miles north of Dover. Deal is a small town on the Kent coast which has a certain charm. The same can not be said of Dover, which is, quite frankly, a shit hole! The hovercraft no longer run in Dover! I don't know a great deal about the Medway towns, I went to Rochester a few times years ago, which was a nice place, and Chatham which was not so nice.

    I'm guessing this image is from an old advert or magazine artical, so Santa is very probably showing of the latest thing in slimline TV technology (note also the colour TV next to him!) How things have changed, TVs are thinner than credit cards it seems now!!

  16. Hi John,

    OMG! that was close indeed! though I was thinking, you could get some fresh flowers in near to the big day itself, white roses, lillies etc, and mix it with a touch of festive greenery, its not too Christmassy, and will add a touch of cheer without going for all out glitter and kitsch. We always have fresh flowers here at Christmas, and greenery cut from the garden. But maybe you don't want anything, I can understand that!

    Of course I meant brothel in a Fab way, all chandeliers and gilt framed mirrors, not shabby, unlaundered sheets and strip lighting!! lol

  17. ROTFL! 'Shabby, unlaundered sheets and strip lighting' --those are surely the fixings for a festive Holiday look!

    Fear not, Andy, we usually do have flowers around the house, year-round! I sort of got used to that when I was a floral designer, and have kept up the habit. (And white flowers are my particular favorite --good call)!

  18. LOL! well it's a look worth trying I guess!

    I think the festive flowers will work better!