Saturday, 10 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 10

Well, looks like I'm going to miss out on my office Christmas party this year, as I have had to take a few days off work to rest my back. What a shame, they are always such fun! (do you hear the sarcasm coming out there?!). What better way to humiliate yourself in front of all your work colleagues then to wear this fabulous costume? The tree itself is a little, 'yeah, whatever' it's the present shaped booties that is really inspired! I would actually think seriously of wearing those, provided I had been partaking heavily on the Christmas Spirits beforehand!


  1. Andy your poor back......what have you done? Too much toiling over miniatures????

    I hope I'm not being intrusive by asking what is your occupation? Or have I missed it in an older post?

    I'm relieved to know it's not a photo of you at your last work Christmas party, not quite sure that the Elizabeth Arden lippy is your thing??? He,He!!

  2. Andy, that is one smart little outfit! Hope your back mends quickly --been there! Sorry you'll have to miss the party.

    Fi, you crack me up!

  3. Hey Andy, hope the back gets better, Funny cos mine has gone too!! (does that count as sympathy pain?) Glad you caught up on your Christmas countdown, I missed it last night. Thanks for the congrats on Merriman Park.
    Enjoy the weekend and rest the back. x

  4. Andy what a cute outfit! Gave me the laughs.
    Sorry about your back. I hope it mends very quickly for you not to miss the party.

  5. Trouble is, I don't know exactly how I have damaged my back! The doctor was most sympathetic and reasured me it's nothing serious, but may take a while to get better, I have to do various stretching exercises, and take pain killers when it gets too bad. But I am being a brave little soldier, and coping fine thanks.

    I work in a department store, hidden away in an office most of the time, not terribly exciting I'm affraid!

  6. Hello Si, John and Drora, thanks for your concern (and sympathy pains!!). Can report that my back is nothing serious, just a bit debilitating, but as I have just mentioned to Fi, I am coping well.

    Well done to both John and Simon on having their hard work shown on Sue Cooks website. I must confess to never having purchased anything for Sue Cook before, I love her work, and have thought of using it, one thing worries me though, being made of plaster, how do you cut the mouldings, and can the joints be mitred?

  7. They are actually a plaster-resin mixture & quite durable. They can be cut and mitered --I used a power miter box (the heat generated from hand-cutting tends to melt the resin & gum up the blade a bit, although if you take it slow it's fine)-- but she also cleverly sells her cornices with pre-formed, mitered corners, for those who do not feel comfortable with carpentry. The joints are simply butted against each other, the crack hidden with any brand of filler. Andy, you would love her components: once you go Sue Cook, you'll never go back!

  8. Well Andy,

    you make up for the excitement in blog land, it's so much fun checking in every day to see what you've posted...... ; )

    And you do make me LOL!!

    Fi x

  9. Well I am pleased I make some one laugh! they say that is a good tonic! ;)

  10. Hmmm, maybe if/when I start another dolls house project, I'll check out those Sue Cook goodies again, it was the worry about them breaking or crumbling that has stopped me from buying them before! Thanks for the advice John! another drink I owe you!

  11. Muy bonitos los colgantes para el árbol de Navidad. Te deseo unas Felices Navidades.