Saturday, 10 December 2011

Random Christmas Stuff Number 9

I was horror struck when I realised today that I had failed to post a picture for Christmas on the 9th, I've had some trouble with my back lately, and have been  a little distracted. Here's a pic to get us back on track again after the last post! A dolls house dressed up in full Christmas dress! Yeh!


  1. is it just me, or is there a weird looking face in the left hand window on the first floor (second floor outside UK)?! it's a bit creepy!

  2. OMG Andy, it took me a few minuets to focus but YES there is a weird gave me a shiver down my spine.....a bit creepy.

    Other wise very cute and Christmasy, some might say a little OTT but defiantly in the spirit!! ( am I being harsh?)

    Fi x

  3. I'm glad you saw it too Fi, I was thinking I was going mad! I didn't notice it until after I had posted the picture.

    I would say that your opinion was fair, it IS a little OTT. Let's just say, I might have done things differently myself.

  4. I guess to be fair, little girls love it to be all Santa and snow, all though Mia is certainly maturing in her taste and does know when to hold back. The old "less is more" and the KISS theory has kicked in. We decorated the Tree together last week but I'm confidant now she could do a great job all on her own.

    I'm digressing again and I promised my self i wouldn't!!

    It is a lovely picture though.

  5. I hate when the Undead ruin Christmas.

  6. Preciosa, preciosa.
    Mil besos y Feliz Navidad.

  7. I suppose the good thing about a dolls house is that you can let your imagination fly away, and do the most outrageous things, stuff you probably wouldn't do in your own home, decor-wise at least!

    I managed to do the main tree yesterday, with David doing all the humping down from the attic! (hmm! this bad back thing has its uses!!)

    I think you do need a bit of kitsch at Christmas (look out for my handy guide coming very soon!!)

  8. Well, John, as you're being Ebenezer Scrooge this year, you might find that the undead haven't quite finished with you yet this Christmas LOL!

  9. Gracias Julia

    Feliz Navidad para ti también, espero que haya una buena fiesta!

    abrazos xx