Friday, 18 January 2013

Belated New Year Greetings!

Hello, please forgive my lack of action on my blog recently, but I felt I needed to take a break after Christmas. It all seems a while ago now, I hope you all had a good one and are enjoying 2013.

I had fun doing the Christmas Countdown, but it left me with little time to do what I actually enjoy doing; seeing what you have all been up to, so I may have a rethink on what I post in December this year. However, that is months away (thank goodness!) so I can now concentrate on all the things I have planned for this year! There will be more Period Style Guides on the way, and a very exciting period it will be too! there's my 1:24 scale dolls house I have all but abandoned since the end of summer last year, plus some other miniature project I have in mind for this year. Work at The Swan Inn will continue, along with my other houses, but all in good time! There's a whole year ahead yet!

One thing I forgot to mention during my Christmas posts was the new bed I made from a kit by McQueenie Miniatures. It is called the Edwardian Bed, and looks great when completed. It's really simple to put together too. This picture shows the bed when constructed but unfinished.

And here is the bed when completed (please forgive the Christmas treatment, I still haven't taken down the decorations in the pub yet!!) The bed was just what I was looking for, and is a perfect size for the bedroom. Just got to make the bedding at some point now!