Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Countdown Day 3

Christmas Countdown Day 3
Micro Christmas Trees

I have seen some great little micro Christmas village buildings appearing on a few blogs in recent weeks, and the idea of micro Christmas miniatures caught my imagination. I wanted some very small decorations for part of the Christmas makeover of The Swan Inn, but nothing too complex. I looked at the tiny villages and thought what they could do with were some tiny trees, and then I thought of tiny Christmas trees! So, lacking the skill to create tiny model buildings, here is my humble offering to you; the Micro Christmas Tree!

It really couldn't be simpler! Take a suitably coloured pipe cleaner, I think they are called something else these days, but I'll stick to what I know from Blue Peter! gently trim the pipe cleaner all around at one end, shaping it into a little point, taking care not to trim too much off! Once you have the desired size and shape, carefully snip off the amount of the pipe cleaner you need. carefully remove any lose fluff from the bottom end, and using a suitably sized bead, gently fit the bottom of the pipe cleaner into the hole in the bead. You can glue it if you wish to.

And here are some I made earlier!! I have put them on top of a doll's house book shelf so you get a sense of the scale. You could add a small star shaped sequin if you have them (mine's a little large!) or maybe use a little white paint to add a snow effect. You can see they really are very easy to make and are quite effective too. If you don't have beads, why not use some rolled up coloured paper, or Fimo/Sculpy? If you have them you could even use tiny micro beads to decorate the trees!

I hope you have fun making some!! ;o)


  1. Oh how I love to see the Swann Inn in Christmas decorations! These tiny trees are a great find, thanks fo sharing, Andy!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. Thank you for this great tutorial - your mini trees look really good.


  3. Hi Andy! I think you might be seeing some of these soon in a certain Mini Tree House! Such a Wonderful idea!!!

  4. What a lovely idea! I plan on making at least one in the future, will try to make it with a peak and balls and all
    Maybe a pair can also be used as earrings (not by me but there must be someone out there who likes that)
    Well, that 's got nothing to do with miniature decorating but it popped into mind ;)

  5. They're tiny and adorable, Andy! Great job, and nice tutorial. I might have to try this now! :-) xo Jennifer

  6. DId you know that you can make Reindeer antlers from brown pipe-cleaners and red reindeer noses from red ones? I think you should tell your followers about this.

    Sir Pingu

  7. Me encanta este tutorial, gracias por compartirlo. Adoro la Navidad. Besos

  8. So cute, I will definitely give them a go!!

    Very patient little snips you must have done Andy and I can't wait to see the swan in decorated in all the festive treats you have made, I have a feeling it could be a couple of weeks before I do...; )

    Fi xx

  9. What a lovely simple and effective idea - they look great. It's the sort of project you could get carried away with!

  10. Thanks for all your great comments.

    Yes Gee, they certainly could be used to make jewellery with too, and I look forward to seeing your tiny decorated tree one day soon!! I look forward to seeing some in your Tree House too Betsy!

    Oh Fi, I am sure it will be just a couple more weeks before all is revealed. How did you guess! LOL

    Good luck to every one who tries to make them, they are really very easy to do!!