Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Countdown Day 14

Christmas Countdown Day 14
Trimming the Christmas Tree

Just a very quick post today, as I am working until late today. I have been searching for some traditional decorations for a miniature Christmas tree (can't think why!! ;oD). I had intended to make some baubles from shiny coloured beads, but my search for anything suitable proved fruitless. In desperation I went to my nearest dolls house shop, a two hour round trip if the traffic is good! I looked at the cabinet they had filled with little Christmas miniatures, but there weren't any decorations (I did buy a few other little bits for the pub which will be revealed soon!). 

I was about to leave, when I remembered I wanted to look at a miniature light fitting, I went to the light display and there, tucked away were some little packs of real glass baubles! Perfect for the dolls' house, all shiny and colourful, they even had the little 'crowns' on the top to hang the baubles on the tree with.  absolutely love them and bought three packs!!

Now, I am a bit of a snob when it comes to tinsel. I just don't really like it. I remember when we were children we had the same decorations on our little 4 foot tree every year, including the tinsel, which grew more and more threadbare with each passing year!  I have to be honest, I think it looks a bit of a mess on a christmas tree, but that is my own personal aesthetic and realise it can look great on some peoples' trees! I did want some for the Swan, and found some glittery pipe cleaners on sale at John Lewis which were just right! They came in packets of assorted colours too, so you might find my miniature trees very gaudy when you see them!

Not long to go now!!!



  1. Andy what a find!!

    I can't believe they make real tiny baubles, but thats silly of me really....they make everything in miniature!!

    I'm getting together a few little things for an Aussie christmas post but don't have baubles, but perhaps something you may not think of....; )

    Fi xx

  2. Andy, are these baubles really miniature ^0^? Can't believe it, they are stunning! Enjoy decorating your Christmas tree :D! My Christmas tree have to wait for his baubles until my son has celebrated his birthday tomorrow! But then it is..........Christmas decoration time for me!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Oh, I LOVE those tiny Decorations, Andy!!! They are Beyond Perfection!!! To even have the crowns at the neck... how do they do that??? I wish I could find some like that over here.... Going shopping soon so maybe I will get lucky too! I agree with you about tinsel... we never have it on our trees.... Never EVER!!! I really can't wait to see the Swan all decorated.... I KNOW I keep saying that! LOL!!!

  4. I like the little gold tops, The look like the real thing.