Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Countdown Day 21


Christmas Countdown Day 21
Christmas Windows

Before they disappear forever, I wanted to show you all some examples of the lovely shop windows displayed in the larger London department stores. I must admit, I haven't taken the photos for any of these, I found them all on the net. it's a shame that they will all be gone in just a few days from now!

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking!!

Harrods have some of the best windows this year. Inspired, if you can believe this, by Disney princesses!

Liberty continue to have unusual Christmas windows, This one is rather nice with its rich gold colours, and I love that stack of hair!!

Sefridges, have some rather traditional Christmas themes this year

I thought Fortnum and Mason's Christmas windows were a bit dull this year, after the spectacular displays of the past few years! This year's theme was Dick Whittington, a celebration of London no doubt, but not very exciting! The best thing was the stage coach below.

Harvey Nichols have some very exciting window displays this year, full of colour and energy! Inspired by the Orient.

Tiffany's, sweet! Almost like a dolls' house!!


  1. Oh, Andy... I Want that Tiffany's House!!! LOL! I have to confess that I long to go to New York City in "the Season" just to see the famous windows! I have never been there at the right time! Occasionally local shops here will have unbelievably wonderful windows.... once with a Complete Dollhouse... another memorable one was settings using the Dolls of Tasha Tudor (a children's book illustrator and author)... and a couple of years ago there was a window filled with the scenes from Sleeping Beauty where the Fairies come to give the Baby Gifts... with Gorgeous dolls made by a local doll artist whose name escapes me! You can see my bias in favor of dolls....
    But I agree... Christmas shop windows are Magical!

  2. WOOOWWWW!!! Thanks for sharing these pictures!! In Holland this is not to be seen, perhaps in the big cities, but it is certainly not common here. It looks fantastic, to walk through the streets and see all the glamour!! I agree with Betsy: the last picture is gorgeous........a fairy tale!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. That's it. I want a Tiffany-blue front door.

    (Andy, if you ever go to New York, check out the windows at Barneys. They are always colorful, tasteful, and funny.)

  4. WOW!!!!!

    Are we just a bunch of Girly Girls???? I love the Tiffany window tooo!!!

    Liberty is stunning, and the Princesses are to die for but what is it about the Tiffany window that makes us girls swoon???? Is it the idea of whats inside the Tiffany Blue box or are they just that good at marketing that they can conjure romantic fantasy without seeming to try??

    Thanks for bringing the world to our door Andy!!

    ML Fi xx

  5. Great pictures, thanks for the post!