Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas Countdown Day 13

Christmas Countdown Day 13
Santa Baby: My Ultimate Miniature Christmas List!

Hello everyone, today I thought I would let any budding Santa's out there my ultimate Christmas wish list for miniatures. Actually the list is endless, but I picked a few ultimate gifts I have had my eye on all year, and as I have been AWFULLY GOOD this year, maybe Santa will slip some under the tree for me?!!

First on the list is a Mulvany and Rogers dolls house, naturally! This little gothick vicarage costs about £16,000. see for more details.

I spotted these little gems whilst browsing online. A collection of blue and white dolls' house vases from Kang Xi Dynasty (1662-1722). They were valued at  between €1500- €2000 at an auction in Amsterdam last April, they were eventually sold for €4000!! Just one would be nice!! ;o)

I have been an admirer of the work of Jean-Claude Martin for several years. The Chandelier cones silvered or gilded prices start at €950.00 and go up to €1200.00. The clocks above are also beautiful and both priced at €650.00. See for more details

Tarbena Miniatures make exquisite furniture for the dolls' house. I would love to own some of their pieces, and if I saved very hard I might eventually get one, but for now they are on my wish list!
The chest of drawers costs £295.00; the linen press costs £495.00 and the corner washstand is £190.00. See for further details.

I'd love a pair of globes in my library, and would go wild if I found this lovely little pair from Small-Time in my Christmas stocking! The are £365.00 for the pair, but you can buy just one too. for further details see

Mike Sparrow makes the most amazing pieces of silverware for the dolls' house. You can buy anything from a fountain pen with removable lid and tiny nib, to a knife and fork, to the Queen Anne  Sterling Silver tea kettle with spirit stove and tripod stand for £720.00. The little mustard pot with hinged opening lid and tiny spoon is also delightful and costs £82.00 See for more of his exquisite work!

Now, I can't be greedy and ask for too much can I!? ;o) The list doesn't end there, but I would love to know what miniatures you all would dearly like to find under the tree on Christmas Day?


  1. Oh, My! I can't fault ANY of your choices, Andy! I am not Brave enough to go looking at the really Fine and Expensive wares out there.... knowing they are not likely to find their way to my Address!
    But I have to agree with you about the Mulvaney and Rogers Vicarage.... But do I need any more Properties? LOL!
    I Sure hope you get Some of your Heart's Desire for Christmas!

  2. That is a most impressive list! My list would include most of the above, but at the top of the list is a workshop with everything imaginable I could probably need in terms of tools (with a course on how to use them properly), a trip to Castine and lots of other courses around the world (trips included of course), oh, and a Dutch canal house like Cookie Ziemba's... :))!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Gosh, Andy, what lovely things you have on your list. Tops on my list would be a 48 hour day, so that I would have more time for furniture making!!!

    And then, the porcelain and silver for sure, hand blown glass items also comes to mind, I just love these in any size for both the real and mini house.

  4. All of these are on my dream wish list, along with real oil paintings sized for a dolls' house!

  5. I would love everything on your list, and I don't think I could pick just one but if I had to it would be the Mulvany and Rogers Dollhouse at 1600 ponds. IT'S JUST SO PRETTY!!

    Other wise I have my eye on a David Booth sofa or chaise in turquoise or perhaps some Stokestay china would be very nice. I could write a very long list Andy!!!

  6. Hello Andy,
    Now that is a reaal miniaturists wishlist! I love everything but am a huge fan of Mike Sparrows work! I think your wonderful rooms deserve these wonderful things!
    Big hug,

  7. Hi Andy,

    I think I second you on pretty much every single item! Or at least the makers - we have similar taste (great minds, and all that).

    Maybe one day in our stockings, eh?


  8. I wish Santa would bring me everything you listed here

    Marisa :)

  9. Hi Andy, that is quite a list with dreams of minatures, I hope you'll get something in your stocking from Santa Claus.
    I wish............nothing of this all, just one thing: time to make more miniatures!
    Hugs, Ilona