Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Countdown Day 12

Christmas Countdown Day 12
Miniature Display of Cards

Today's post will be quite brief, as I have had a few technical problems this evening, and have only just got back online fully!

I wanted to display a few of my miniature cards in an interesting way, and remember how my mum always used to pin her Christmas cards to lengths of red ribbon. and hang them on the wall.

I've created a miniature version of this, complete with the little red bow. The cards were free cut outs from a miniatures magazine (last year's Christmas number!). I realised that the inside of the cards was visible, so I thought I would try writing in them.

You can see the result above. The pen was really too big, but at least the Merry Christmas is almost readable!

This little display is now safely pinned up in The Swan, and I promise that you will all be seeing it, and everything else very soon!


  1. I LOVE little realistic details like that Andy! And I love Christmas Cards! But I have always felt the need to create my own rather than buy them... which has resulted in me Drawing a Card every year for many years now.... Still working on this year's card!!!
    I look forward to seeing The Swan all decked out!

  2. Love the Christmas cards and I am looking forward to see The Swan all decked out for Christmas too.

  3. ou do have beautiful had writing Andy, its a wonder anyone can write that small.

    The cards look gorgeouse and will look perfect in the swan Christmas scene.

    ML Fi xx

  4. Es ideal!!
    Que bonitos!! me encantan!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  5. Hello Andy,
    It's a beautiful way to display cards. I have to say though, i am terribly envious of your penmenship!
    Big hug,

  6. those are very cute and christmassy

    Marisa :)