Sunday, 9 October 2011

Well, I have looked through all the photos stored on disc and can't find any of the outside of the Tudor house, I did find this one, which is another view of Mr Buxton and a little more of the shop counter. it is also a sharper image than the other one. I'll need to ask David if I can borrow his camera and get some more photos taken. There are some photos of the kitchen in the Tudor house too, but I figured that maybe you've all seen enough of kitchens for a while!! ;o)


  1. Whatevs, Andy, we DO want to see the kitchen!

    This is a great shot. Did you make the produce? They are remarkably fine.

  2. I'm with John....whatevs......we wana see it all!!

    Mia went nuts over your little shop Andy. We have a little shop set aside thats just a shell at this stage. She wants to do a General store/haberdashery and she has been collecting things for it.

    The food does look lovely...nice and fresh!

    Oh and I love Mr Buxton's name sake favourite was Doogle, have you looked it up on Youtube? Its brings back happy memories.

    And to John....I tried to post on your wall again but cyberspace is filling up with my silly messages. In short make your house your own dream and a place that stands for the way you would have changed things if you could.

    Hugs to all.

  3. It's a great photo - there's lots of detail and atmosphere to it.

  4. Hi John, yes made some of the fruit and veg myself (not the cabages in the basket) I was just trying out the Fimo clay when I did them, pleased you like them!

  5. Hi Fi, David is an avid fan of Magic Roundabout, we have a copy of the movie 'Doogle and the Blue Cat' where Mr Buxton gets his name, and yes, I have watched clips on youtube, not just of the Magic Roundabout, but loads of old TV greats from my childhood; great fun!

    You're doing a shop as well as a house?! how many more dolls house projects are you keeping secret from us?!! ;o)

  6. Thanks Irene, i'll get on with posting the kitchen pics next!