Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mr Buxton's Sitting Room

This is the top floor of Mr Buxton's shop. I've had to create a kind of bed-sitting room on this level as the other two floors are taken up with the shop and kitchen, and there is only one room on each floor. You can probably just see the old fashioned iron bedstead on the left of the picture. I'm still working on this room, and would like some more miniatures to go in there, but it's starting to take shape. I like the little lace table cloth, but can't remember where I got it, it's one of a pair, but the other one is in storage at the moment. The armchair fits in very well too, it's just what I was looking for, and I picked it up at an 'antiques' fair in Ampthill. It's amazing what you can get away with calling an antique! Anyway, it only cost £2.00 so I was thrilled! The blanket box, at the foot of the bed, was an inexpensive white wood piece which I have stained and distressed (very much I am sure) to look like a battered old oak one. The wireless came from Miniatura in Birmingham, I think it is made from resin, and supplied in blank form by Phoenix model developments, but I bought it already finished with a nice walnut style veneer painted onto it!

PS. Look Fi, Mr Buxton is ready for tea and cakes!!!


  1. Delicioso, Andy!! Un rinconcito muy encantador!! Enhorabuena!!

  2. Gracias Pedrete, sí, es muy acogedor, ¿no es así!

    Thank you Pedrete, yes, it is very cosy isn't it!

  3. Oh lovely Mr Buxton and his tea and cakes, what a good English Gent he is.

    I think some miniature mince pie's could do him quite nicely too.

    I love the blanket box, you have done a lovely job with that, and the wireless is beautiful too. Are they Toby Jugs on the shelf?

    As usual Andy you have created wonderful work.


  4. ¡¡ me encanta muy acojedor ¡¡

  5. Well I'm still waiting for the pies, and so is Simon, unless you posted his in secret!!!! Yes, the toby jugs have moved on from the shop to my new project, he has a china fox there now! I am surprised that the blanket box didn't just fall to pieces with all the distressing I gave it!!

  6. gracias Elisa, sí, la chimenea sería muy bienvenida en el día de un invierno frío en Gran Bretaña, se acurrucó en el sillón!