Monday, 17 October 2011

Making an Entrance!!

Back to the Georgian house for a while. There's not much left to show you in this house really. The hall takes up the space behind the central three bays of my house, on the first floor, with a landing taking up the central three bays of the floor above. That's quite a lot of space really, and if I were building my dolls house again I would have done something different with the space I think.

My hallway looks very plain when compared to John's Merrimen Park. I like the yellow colour, another Farrow and Ball paint; I just love the quality of the pigment in their paints and they do very handy sample tins which are just right for dolls house builders! The colour is Sudbury Yellow, and is based on samples taken from  Sudbury Hall. The colour also looks great against the blue and white china I have been collecting. I don't really have much furniture in this room yet, as I was busy getting the main rooms furnished first. The grandfather clock is new, and was made from a white wood kit I got for my birthday. I don't really like the sideboard to be honest, and it will eventually be replaced, but it fills a gap for now!

I'm also unhappy with the staircase, I really struggled with this, and the banisters, but the end result was not great, it all looks a little wobbly to be honest! Unfortunately, I stuck it all in, otherwise I would like to rip it out and start again. I'll put it down as a learning curve (ergh!) and move on!


  1. Andy,

    I think your being hard on your self regarding the entrance. I think it's a great size which leaves you with lots of space to make more of an impression.

    I can see lots of Art work lining the walls, a runner up the stairs, a nice big rug at the entrance, lamps, the list goes on.....

    Remember Rome wasn't built in a day and it seems to me maybe you have lost interest because you weren't happy with the stairs. I think the entrance is great.

    I have a light very similar in my entrance and I can tell you my hall way is no where near as impressive as yours.


  2. It looks very nice.
    I think the chinese porcelain is beautiful.
    The yellow color is also beautiful with the white baseboards.

  3. ¡¡ fantastica esa entrada ¡¡

  4. Like Fi says, I think you're being hard on yourself. Well done on making the staircase yourself and I like the return on the handrail at the foot of the stairs and the light fitting is perfect. Your little hall certainly says "Georgian" to me!

    (Re curtains - if you email me at I can give you more details).

  5. Hi Fi, yes, I think you are right, I have kind of ignored the hallway until recently, mostly because I wasn't happy with it, but I did also want to finish the main rooms first. I will be looking for things to fill this room over the next year, so you'll get to see some changes when they happen.

  6. Helo Alexandra, thanks for your message. I collect life size blue and white china too, so when I saw the tiny versions I had to have them! I'm pleased you like them, and the wall colour I chose too!

  7. Gracias Elena, abrazos y besos para ti también!

  8. Thanks Irene, your comments are a real tonic! I'm pleased you like the stairs, I nearly gave up on the house when I was making them, I didn't know you could buy one/sixteenth inch square wood comercially, so I had to cut the hole lot to make the banisters, and cutting all those angles on the steps didn't help either!

    I'll email about the curtains, thanks! xx

  9. Hi Andy,
    I also have a 'blue & white' obsession --too funny! I agree you're being too hard on yourself, Andy. Your restrained touch compels me to go back to my Hall for some editing... I love how you finished off the bottom step with the spiral railing. I also love the color you chose --(and that goes for your entire house)!

  10. Una estancia impresionantemente REAL!
    Un abrazo de una nueva seguidora

  11. Hi John

    Please don't change a thing in your hall! it's great! Thanks for your support! I'm running out of places to put my real life blue and white china, so makes sense to scale it down to dolls house size so I can display more there!!

    Looking forward to seeing your developments at Merriman Park!

  12. Hola Rosamargarita, bienvenidos a mi blog! Gracias
    Con abrazos de vuelta, Andy