Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Artwork

Just a little posting tonight! here are some new 'paintings' I have made to go in the Georgian house. They're just right for the period! Sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy, I probably got too close with the camera. No idea who actually painted either of these, but I really like the little landscape. The frames came from Hobby's (UK)  and look quite good, they're only about £4.50 for the pair, so good value too.

see, for more details.


  1. Se ven preciosos Andy!! Ahora nos tienes que mostrar como quedan en el salón. ¡¡Un abrazo enorme!!

  2. Oh I love them Andy, the one on the right looks very familiar to me, I must have seen it some where. HHhmmmmm, oh thats right I believe its in my collection in the Library......LOLOlll!!!!! I crack myself up sometimes!!!!!

    Oh and I have the tip re the bed clothes from Linda. I will cut and past it and try to send it Via email. If you don't get it in the next 24 hours let me know.


  3. They are beautiful.
    I've done an experiment and I painted a painting by myself, but it was not easy.
    The paintings of you seem so real.
    Especially, the landscape,you're right.
    I have no idea,who has painted these paintings?
    I find them very beautiful and they will look so good in your house.
    They mirror back the romance of the past.


  4. Hi Andy,
    They are both beautiful.
    The quality of the picture is great...the detail really stands out.
    Very nice indeed!

  5. Hola Pedrete! ¿cómo estás? Gracias, voy a tener que mostrar las imágenes en su sitio cuando me he decidido a dónde van! No he sido capaz de hacer comentarios en su blog últimamente, sus muñecas era precioso! y me encanta el detalle en el armario de Victoria! gran abrazo a usted también!

    Andy xx

  6. Hi Fi, email is

    Yes I have several of these landscapes in my own library, well I have a book on the shelf with some pictures like it anyway! it's very similar to many landscapes coming out of Italy in the 18th century, and could even be described as a little Claude Lorrain-esque.

    no idea of who the subject is in the portrait or who painted it, but it looks good in the parlour, so it will probably stay there!

  7. Thank you Giac, kind words again from a master builder! I really do admire the detail in your work!

  8. Hello Alexandra, thank you again for your poetic comments, I am pleased you like the paintings and I hope they will mirror the romance of the past back into my rooms! What was the subject of your own painting?

  9. Son muy bonitos, me gustan los marcos y sobre todo el cuadro del paisaje.

  10. Gracias Maria, creo que el paisaje es hermoso también.

  11. Andy I'm just testing my profile is right.

    See Johns blog to understand.

    Fi x

  12. Sorry Andy,
    my old google account has disapeared, I don't have a blog yet but maybe it's trying to tell me something!!!

  13. Hi Fi, did you fix the problem?

  14. Hi Andy,
    I wanted to email you about something. If you don't mind, my email address is, but don't worry if you'd rather not share your email address, I totally understand.