Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Happy Landings!

OK, so you've seen the hallway, now here's the landing on the floor above. Same colour on the walls as in the hall (and same tipsy banisters!). More blue and white china too! The chairs are made from kits by Robert Longstaff. I have borrowed the tall chest from one of the attic bedrooms, to replace a cheap Queen Anne style display case (which if you look carefully can just about be seen on the left of the top photo) which looked OK but wasn't quite what I wanted. I will hopefully replace the chest with a tallboy at some stage (depending on what Father Christmas brings me!) and the chest can return to the attic room it came from! The gold picture frames are from Hobby's, and I've used some seascapes I cut from an old leaflet for the Queens House in Greenwich to fill them.


  1. Hi Andy,
    One thing that always jumps out at me are how great your color choices are. All your rooms have such harmonious color palettes.
    I love the large boards for the floor, and the china is lovely.
    Your work is always so lovely and, as I said, I really appreciate your attention to period details.
    Looking forward to seeing more,

  2. Hi Andy! Although the rail looks a little crooked ... sorry ... we must recognize that both the hall and the fill are very smart! The wall color is gorgeous and very sober and elegant furniture. All very British! I love the blue and white porcelain, I think it looks good everywhere! Congratulations, as always a pleasure to admire your work!

  3. Hi Giac, many thanks once again. Most of the wood work is American cherry wood, which has a lovely warm hue, I cut and sanded all the floor boards from large pieces of wood, so it took a while, I didn't know you could buy floor boards comercially! But I prefer the cherry wood anyway. I used wax rather than varnish to give them a shine too.

    Ther's only the attic floor left to show you now!

  4. Hola Pedrete, sí, hay necesidad de disculparse, los pasamanos son un poco torcida, me deja eso a la falta de experiencia en trabajos en madera! Gracias por sus amables palabras y el apoyo una vez más, mi amigo!


    Hi Pedrete, yes, no need to apologise, the banisters are a little crooked, I will put that down to lack of woodwork experience! Thank you for your kind words and support once again my friend!


  5. The colour is great, the blue and white china is great and I really like the staircase coming up in the centre like that. All very Georgian!

  6. Andy,

    I'm amazed at your dedication...... When you said that you cut down all the pieces of wood for the stairs and the floor because you didn't know it was commercially available. I think it's nicer that you did it all your self.

    You have quite a collection of porcelain, are they all different from the entrance? They are beautiful.

    Where do those doors lead to?

  7. Thanks Irene, I thought I had replied to your comment yesterday, but it's not here, so must have imagined it! Thanks for the advice and info on the curtains, will be taking a proper look at the pleat boards and some of the other links when I get another day off. Pleased you like the details on the landing ;)

    Andy xx

  8. Hi Fi, yes, I just sliced off thing lenghts of wood, I have a band saw which makes that easier (I say I have one, it's FIL's!!) but then you have to sand a lot to remove all the saw marks! I have to admit to being near to tears when cutting the banisters, so many snapped, or got narrower/wider half way! Not fun!

    The china on the landing is all commercial stuff, the ginger jars on the tall chest are smaller versions of the ones under the table in the hall.

    The doors at the back are just dummies; they go to imagined realms beyond! the other doors lead to the drawing room and bedroom.