Saturday, 15 October 2011

More Views of the Shop

Just a couple more pictures of the shop. This is the top floor (Mr Buxton's bed/sitting room) in more detail. The bed clothes are unfinished, as usual the idea of a needle and thread has me running scared! But I like the fabric, it  looks a little like patchwork, and there's plenty of the fabric to run up a pair of curtains too.

The alarm clock is from Truly Scrumptious, who do some lovely, unusual miniatures, all hand crafted too. For more details see


  1. Hi, Andy,

    It's a perfectly charming space! The soot on the fireplace is such a thoughtful touch.

    I do know how to sew, but I would be afraid to 'hem' the coverlet, too, for fear that would add too much 'heft' to the finished edge. Could you pull threads out of the cut edges, creating an all-around fringe effect?

    Or perhaps you could iron a sheer fusible interfacing to the fabric --then there would be no need for hemming.

    Or just treat the raw edges with Fray-Check?

    These are all ideas I have been stewing over, as well, as I hesitantly begin my first miniature fabric projects for Merriman Park.

  2. Hi John,

    I do have some wondaweb iron-on interfacing and even have some fray-check, so I could try different things, and see what works. I think you're right about the heft, I've flicked through a few magazines for answers, and it seems a wire inside the hem helps mould the fabric, to stop it from splaying out, and interfacing will make a hem less hefty. Maybe I'll see how you get on with Merriman Park (which is looking great!) and pick up some useful tips from you!!

  3. Hi Andy,

    Its lovely to see Mr Buxton's room in full. I love the little alarm clock beside the bed. Are they hunting dogs in the picture on the wall?

    Does Mr Buxton dream of going on a hunt after his cheeky little fox on the shelf?

    I also worry about the sticking out fabric.Natural fabrics like cotton and silk are supposed to be the best, the finer the better. Irene might have some tips.

    Have you looked at Linda Carswell's Blog. She is a fellow Australian and her blog is stunning. Une Petite Folie: Petite Maison. Linda has detail down to perfection. She talks in her blog about a tip she got from Mercedes (another blogger) on how to drape bed clothes. Although she doesn't share it on the blog I'm sure if you email her she would be happy to. She is a lovely lady and has given me lots of advice.

    Good luck.


  4. Looks great! I like the texture on the fireplace and all of the exposed wood.

  5. Hi Fi, I think they are hunting dogs yes, They are by Stubbs I believe, the original is in the National Gallery I think. I don't really see Mr Buxton in hunting pink, but you never know! He certainly wouldn't get away with it these days anyway, as hunting with hounds is illegal! I followed your hint to Linda's blog, and was mightily impressed with what she has acheived! I might pluck up the courage to email her eventually!

  6. Hi Troy, thanks! The wood gives the room lots of warmth I think.

  7. Well Andy....

    I'm glad Mr Buxton isn't dreaming of's much nicer to think of him as a man with a conscience.

    I will email Linda for you as I have been wanting to know my self. I will get back to you as soon as I know.


  8. Thanks Fi, Irene has kindly passed on some of her knowledge, but I'd happily hear more from your friend too!