Monday, 10 October 2011

Kitchen No2

Well Fi and John, here's the kitchen you both wanted to see! on the first floor (or second if you're looking at this in the US) of my Tudor house/shop. Most of the furniture and accessories are standard dollshouse pieces, picked up cheaply at local shops and fairs. I wanted to create a cottage kitchen feeling here. The sink is from Sussex crafts, who I have mentioned before. My favourite thing is (not the bright copper kettle, who do you think I am, Julie Andrews?! but I do like it!) the mixing bowl on the table. My mother has one just like it, and I remember all our childhood cakes being mixed in it. You cant see in the picture, but it has perfect miniature flour, raisins and butter in the bowl, along with the wooden spoon. Come to think of it, not sure what cake would be made with those ingredients all in the bowl at once, except maybe scones, hmmmm! Anyway, the bowl came from Kristin Baybar's shop in Gospel Oak,  London. I will tell you a little more about her shop later, and my little pilgrimage to it! Still got to speak to David about borrowing his camera. It's better done on his camera as he can then fancy-Mac them all upstairs before sending them to my decrepit old PC here in the cellar!


  1. Es una cocina preciosa, Andy!! Me encanta!! Además yo también esas misma sillas en una de mis cocinas!! Me ha hecho mucha ilusión verlas aquí!! Un saludo y enhorabuena!!

  2. Hola pedrete, es una buena noticia que nos gustan las mismas sillas! ¿Puedo ver en tu blog? Espero que estés bien.

    grandes abrazos

  3. Hi, Andy,

    Thank you for obliging your demanding public. It's perfect! You have such a gift with these nostalgic scenes, --That does sound like a scone recipe to me. Mmmm, scones!

    PS LOVED the Julie Andrews reference!

  4. Hello Andy,
    I am impressed, if not a little envious of your beautiful collection. You really have a magic touch when it comes to creating period settings. Theya re absolutely perfect. I can't wait to see more of your collection.
    Best wishes,

  5. Oh Andy its perfect!!

    And as John said, thank you for obliging your adoring public.....can you hear the applause???

    I think all you need, is to pop Austin in there and you would have whiskers on kittens......he,he

    Your mothers bowl is perfect centre stage, not out shone by the bright copper kettle! And when I first looked I thought I saw water coming out of the tap and I thought OMG that Andy can do every thing....on closer inspection I was relieved to see it was the chain for the plug....maybe I need glasses?

    So do persuade David to get busy with his fancy Mac so we can see more.It's all so beautifully balanced.

    ( mind you,your demanding public doesn't want you stuck down in the cellar for too long, take your time. )
    Hugs, Fi

  6. The kitchen is lovely, right down to the little pot of flowers on the window ledge. I like the disappearing staircase too and my mum had an identical mixing bowl as well. I'm after one for my house too, it's something I just can't not have!

  7. Cheers John, that's kind of you to say. I like scones too (no surprises there!) and I add a little soured cream to the recipe when I make them, to keep them nice and light! If that's not going off subject a little!

  8. Thank you Giac, I can't wait to see some more miniatures inside your huge house! i'm running out of photos to show people, not much left of the Georgian house to see, nor of the shop, except the exterior. Have been lazy today, and not yet done the photos I promised, so they will have to wait until tomorrow.

  9. Hi Fi,

    well I ain't wearing no satin sashes for no one!! lol

    I see what you mean about water coming from the tap, it does look like that until you look closer! Running water in a dolls house really would be something wouldn't it. I think Queen Mary's dolls house originally had plumbing for running water, but imagine the mess if a pipe burst!

    Will sit on David until he surrenders the camera tomorrow! or just ask, but that's nowhere near so much fun!

  10. Hi Irene, pleased you noticed the flowers in the pot, I thought they were a nice touch. The stair cases do take you between the three floors of the dolls house (well not literally, unless you're only 5" tall!)I wouldn't mind having a life size mixing bowl like that, perhaps I can 'borrow' my mum's for a while!!