Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Tudor Shop

Well, I have been a busy boy with the camera today, taking lots of snaps, as you can see. This is the Tudor shop. I didn't build it myself, it was built by my partner's father, and when I met David, it was tucked away, empty and unloved in the attic. Like the Georgian house, it is based on plans form Brian Nickolls, this one from 'Making Dolls' Houses'. Imagine how thrilled I was in finding it! At first I wasn't sure what to do with it, and it was really just used to store various miniatures that I had purchased, particularly after I had started building my Georgian house, and was collecting suitable pieces for it. Whilst I was at the dolls house fairs I kept seeing sweet little packages, and that gave me an idea to create my own period shop. All the windows on the ground floor made the building look like a shop anyway. The wooden beams are all made from English elm wood (what a shame those trees have all but gone these days due to Dutch Elm Disease).

The dolls house is actually based on a real building in Exeter (UK) known as 'The House that Moved'. Which was moved along an entire street in the early 1960s to save it from redevelopment.

And this picture is of that house, which is now a bridal shop I believe.


  1. WOW!!! On so many counts!

    Wow, what a gorgeous little shop!
    Wow, that your FIL built it!
    Wow that you have done such a beautiful job of decorating it.
    And wow it looks just like the gorgeous little shop in Exeter.

    Hugh.....(shoulders slump) You are all so clever, I'm not so sure about my blog now...I've been getting some ideas together, big house renovations are are nearly done......hmmmm, your all just too clever!

    So glad you got the camera from David, it's great to see how it all works together. How wonderful that it was waiting there for you. Your FIL must be happy you have done such a great job with it.


  2. I just had a look at them enlarged, I can see the little fox.

    What beautiful work with the Elm truly is lovely and you have thought of every last detail.

  3. Hi Andy,
    I keep repeating myself, but your collection is absolutely enchanting. The craftsmenship is wonderful. Congratulations on finishing the shop so beautifully...a real treasure!
    All the best,

  4. ¡¡ que bonita ¡¡ y perfecta ¡¡
    besos elena

  5. A wonderful job, Andy! Greetings & mini hugs!

  6. It's brilliant and I love the finish of the shop too. You've really done this little property justice.

  7. Amazing how accurate a reproduction it is! The 'back-story' of your Tudor is as sweet as the house itself. Thank you for sharing it, Andy, it's beautiful.

  8. Hello Fi, Wow! what can I say!!? such praise thank you, I am pleased you are able to enjoy looking at the Tudor shop almost as much as I have enjoyed furnishing it. John (FIN) is very happy that I have put the house to good use, and has been very encouraging in my other projects. I have even been allowed to use his tools!!

    Ah yes the fox, he's a little large, but fits in ok I think. There is still a toby jug that I had forgotten about, and a tiny glass paperweight that was a gift from my Mother-in Law's Spanish hairdresser Alberto!!

  9. Hi Giac, thank you once again! when I see the quality of your own work, I appriciate your comments even more! I notice that the roof is going onto your grand house now, looks great!!

  10. Gracias Elena, que es muy amable de tu parte!

    abrazos, Andy

  11. Thank you Madelva! mini hugs back to you too! ;O)

  12. Thanks Irene, I am pleased with how most of teh shop looks, I'll post some more views of the top floor later, which is the last room to be finished off really, but then you always see something else that will be perfect, just when you think it's all finished!!

  13. Thanks John, I am pleased you like it. It is quite different from the Georgian house, and it has been fun trying to create somthing less grand in terms of style and design, yet still with an eye to detail.

  14. Hi Andy,
    What a lovely house, I also got that book and still want to build it someday for my Tudor furniture! You've turned it into a nice little shop.

  15. Hi jeffry, thanks for your message, I really like the fine work on your blog! I'm pleased you like the shop!