Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Ultimate Georgian Kitchen?

Is this perhaps the ultimate in Georgian Kitchens? George IV's kitchens at the exotic, eclectic Brighton Pavilion, complete with fake palms!


  1. A kitchen too beautiful to be soiled by the smoke from the chimneys ... Do you actually used this beautiful kitchen? The kitchen always reminded me of the little village that Marie Antoinette at the Petit Trianon created. A fairy tale...!! Greetings from Sevilla!!

  2. Fabulous......the fake palms are a knock out!

    Have you been to see the Pavilion? It looks amazing. As Pedrete suggests it must have been quite something with all the smoke and smells of the food and the cooking.

  3. Sí, que era ampliamente usado Pedrete, el rey Jorge IV (príncipe regente) le gustaba la comida! y estaba muy orgulloso de su cocina. Había muchas comidas cocinadas en lujosos allí! Ahora, el Petit Trianon, sería un proyecto dollshouse fantástico!

    Yes, it was used extensively Pedrete, King George IV ( prince regent) liked his food! and was very proud of his kitchens. He had many lavish meals cooked in there! Now, the Petit Trianon would make a fantastic dollshouse project!!

  4. Hi Fi, yes I have been to see the pavillion, it is very impressive, a real mixture of styles. Mulvany and Rogers have even made a dollshouse model of it!