Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Servants Hall and Pantry

This is the servants hall and pantry of my dolls house, adjacent to the kitchen. The servants would eat in the servants hall, and I have set it up to be a supplementary kitchen too. You might just be able to see the early style range in the fireplace, which I purchased at Michal Morse's shop in Northleach, Gloucestershire, the chair in front of the fire is also from her shop. The other furniture is either from McQueenie Miniatures or I have made myself. I'm still working on the pantry, trying to fill it at least! I need to hang the game and cured meat that are currently just laying down. Much of the food comes from Mouse House Miniatures, who exhibit at most of the big UK shows. I love the detail of the work. The wooden storage jars are by Sandy Eismont.

Michal Morse's shop is called The Dolls House. it is based in Northleach in the Cotswolds (GL54 3EJ) she used to run the shop in Covent Garden in London until she retired. The shop is quite small, but packed with goodies, and if you're able to get there, it's worth popping in, might be an idea to call first as she has limited opening times. mostly Saturdays.


  1. Hell oagain Andy,
    It's great that you incorporated all the smaller rooms you'd find in a georgian really adds a lot to the house.
    Again, it is a beautiful, charming room.
    I also love all the period information you put up. I'm sure it will be very helpful to a many people.

  2. Excellent - these are the rooms that fascinate me.

  3. Irene, I'm now seriously regretting not including a kitchen in Merriman Park! Outstanding job, Andy. Thanks for listing where you picked up all your gorgeous, little things!

  4. Andy you a very talented, the kitchen and pantry, are beautifully set out, I tend to agree with Irene, maybe because we are women, but they fascinate me too.

    I feel like I want to shrink down to miniature size and have a snoop.

    Just on the quandary of dolls or no dolls, its a difficult one. I think you can add "soul" to your house without dolls by adding ( Austin ) and other things about the house which suggest it has occupants but perhaps you've just caught a glimpse when there is no one around.

    There are also so many pretty Dolls out there that we girls would love to play who knows, it's all personal taste I guess.

  5. Hi Giac, I hope people find the information useful too, and are inspired by some of the pictures! It is often teh smaller rooms, with everyday life represented that make a dolls house look more homely, and I really love all the little bits of food in my pantry, there's nothing grand about them, they represent things that were common and everyday, and it's that type of thing which I think breathes life into a miniature.

  6. Thanks Irene, I agree with you too, it's these rooms as much as teh grand rooms I like to see in the houses I visit, you get to see both sides of life in a house that way. I think we're so lucky to have so many places to visit in the UK, thanks for your link to places to visit in Scotland by the way!

  7. Thanks again John, perhaps you could create a kitchen for one of your new projects?

  8. Thanks Fi, that's what I was hoping to aceive with my house, as if the occupants had just stepped out for a while, I'm pleased you think it works that way too. I'm not anti-doll, if that's a word! but just wasn't impressed with comercial ones when I started the big house.