Sunday, 29 January 2012

Tudor in Miniature

Well as this is a blog about miniatures, I couldn't forget to include some Tudor ones here could I? Above is the Tudor Hall from the Thorne Room Collection (one of the finest miniatures collections in the world!). Look at that ceiling, it's amazing! The feature at the end of the room is called a screens passage, and the area above it  is called a minstrels' gallery. Note the panelling and ornate carving. Not sure how 'authentic' the floor tiles are, but they look good here.

Now, we may not all be able to have a room set from the Thorne room Collection, but I will show you some of the great miniatures available to purchase, so that you can create your very own Tudor doll's house!


 A great throne style arm chair, with a nice carved detail and lovely turned legs and arm rests, perfect for the Tudor period. This is solid mahogany and available as a kit form McQueenie Miniatures (see below for details of websites).

 This bench is also by McQueenie Miniatures, again typical of the type of furniture form the period. A smaller stool of the same design is also available.

Sorry for the small picture here, but I wanted to show you the fantastic work available from Pear Tree Miniatures. This is a hand made X frame chair with green leather upholstery and gold fringing. This would have been a very high status piece of furniture, perfect for your Tudor palace!


Another beautiful miniature from Pear Tree Miniatures, again, sorry it's such a small picture,  I wish you could see the fine hand carved detail. It would fit in perfectly inside a model of Hardwick Hall!

 This table is a McQueenie Miniature. Nicely turned legs and solid mahogany too. McQueenie kits are easy to assemble, they don't require any wood stain, just a light sanding and polish once glued together. Buying them in kit form saves you money too! This table would also work well in an early 17th century room setting, but more of that in the future!

And for those great Tudor feasts?

No Tudor Noble's feast would be without a roast Boar's head and roast peacock (yes they really did cook them, then put the feathers back!!) This one is from Country Contrast (no roasting required!)

 Ann High produces miniature furniture and accessories from the Tudor period. She makes a great selection of slip ware jogs, plates and pots, which were popular during the Tudor period and beyond.

  She also sell a range of glasses based on original Tudor designs. Glassware was another high status product.

 Pewter was all the rage during the Tudor period. These great miniatures are made of real pewter by Tony Knott, who sells a wide range of objects perfect for the period. I can just picture that large jug filled with ale, mead or wine, being poured into one of those lovely pewter goblets!


A lovely carved chest by McQueenie Miniatures. I love the carved detail on this chest, which would have been used to store blankets, clothes etc.

 This Tudor aumbry is also by McQueenie Miniatures. This would have been a piece of high status furniture, they were usually decorated with beautiful carving.

 This piece of furniture is called a court cupboard again by McQueenie Miniatures, a great place to display your fine pewter and silver!!

 A beautiful Gothic style cupboard by Pear Tree Miniatures with amazing carved detail. this is a wonderful piece of furniture, a great addition to any Tudor dolls house!


This four poster bed is made by Shepherd Miniatures, note the linen fold design on the bed tester.

 I love this highly decorated bed by Pear Tree Miniatures, it is both hand carved and painted. just imagine it with some colourful drapes and blankets on it! Do you see the ropes? That is how the mattress was supported, the ropes had to be tightened each night before going to sleep; the origin of the phrase 'sleep tight' the second part of that phrase 'don't let the bed bugs bite' meant exactly that too!!

 Another four poster bed, this one by Tony Knott. This bed also has linen fold carving and some nicely turned bedposts.


 I tried to find some suitable miniature tapestries, like the ones in Hardwick Hall, but there don't seem to be many about. The one above is a kit by Nicola Mascall, it would work quite well in a Tudor room, though it is more British Arts and Crafts style really (think William Morris).

This fire back by Tony Knott has a date that fits perfectly into teh Tudor period, and would look great set within one of those huge Tudor fireplaces!

This  pewter candle stick, again by Tony Knott is just right for use in a Tudor room set. the heavy bottom would have kept it nice and stable.

And this candelabra by Tont Knott would also work very well in a Tudor setting! I love fact the candles are designed to look used with wax drops and burnt wicks.

The two room sets above are made by Tony Knott (him again!!). They demonstrate how you can create a Tudor style room using some of the pieces listed above, but I am sure you will all have your own ideas, I know I have!!


One for Fiona!

And two very good blogs on the subject of Tudor miniatures


  1. Wonderful Post, Andy. Thank you. A lot of work went into this one I can tell.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Simon,

      Thanks! yes, this has taken about a week to put together. Glad you enjoyed it!

      Your house is looking great! The wall paper in the dining room was the right choice!! Noticed you'd changed your mind. (again LOL!!! you are priceless!) ;o)

      Andy xx

    2. I know, right! In the post before I mentioned I'll use the green upstairs. Glad you approve x

    3. yes, I like it very much!

  2. Tudor to dream of, Andy here are two lovely charts for medieval tapestries

    and here you can see one finished

    They are on my to stitch list, when??? who knows!!!

  3. Hi Elga,

    Just checked out those websites, that is a wonderful tapestry! it would look great in a Tudor room! Thank you for sharing teh information with us!

    I know what you mean about lists, got plenty I need to get on with, just not in the mood during these dark cold days of January, still it IS getting a little lighter!

  4. Son unos muebles preciosos, Andy!! La cama de Shepherd Miniatures me encanta!! Cuando me ponga manos a la obra con mi casa Tudor,esa es la cama que quiero!! Y naturalmente algunos muebles más de McQueenie. Un abrazo enorme y feliz semana!!

    They are precious furniture, Andy! The bed of Shepherd Miniatures I love! When I get to work with my Tudor House, that is the bed I want! And of course some furniture more than McQueenie. A big hug and happy week!

    1. Hi Pedrete, I hope you get the bed you want! I know you will transform it into a great miniature wonder! The McQueenie furniture is good too, great value, well worth considering!

      Hope you have a great week too!

      Andy x

      Hola Pedrete, espero que consigas la cama que usted quiera! Sé que lo transformará en una maravilla en miniatura genial! Los muebles McQueenie también es buena, de gran valor, vale la pena considerar!

      Espero que tengas una gran semana también!

      Andy x

  5. Hi Andy,

    gorgeous minis, some really beautiful pieces there. I love the beds and the candelabra.

    I have just looked at lilliput miniatures, an Aussie website......YAY!!!!!! Really nice stuff too. I think I just need to look a bit harder!!

    Fi x

    1. I was pleased to find a supplier in Australia, that's why I put the link in for you!

      Pleased you like the furniture I sellected, there is so much stuff to choose from, I sometimes had to cut back on what I showed. The pieces are all fairly affordable too, certainy most pieces shown cost less than £50, Tony Knott's pewter pieces start at £5.00 each!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Eliana, glad you enjoyed this post!!

  7. Hi Andy,
    Once again, great post. I am so going to shop now.
    Have a great week,

    1. Hi Giac,

      Hope you're having a good week too. I want to build something Tudor just to have an excuse to buy some of the furniture above!! Happy shopping !! ;)

      Andy x

  8. A really informative post Andy. Thanks for that. I'm getting more into these kits. They're so satisfying to put together.

    1. Hi Irene,

      It would be nice to be able to afford to buy hand crafted miniatures every time, but they cost hundreds of pounds sometimes (quite rightly, they are works of art!) but for a tighter budget like mine, the kits are brilliant. I love McQueenie because they are full of detail, are real mahogany in most cases, so no staining required and there is a wide variety of stuff which can suit many different periods. It looks great when finished too!

      There is also the sense of satisfaction when completed too, I agree!

      Keep up the good work looking forward to seeing more of Netherton soon!!

  9. Wonderful rooms and fabulous mini's! Just outstanding in every way with sooo much detail!

    I've made some McQueenis kits myself..and have a few more to make.

    I love Tony Knott's work and lucky enough to own some. Duncan White makes outstanding pottery in original Tudor style/designs. I own a lot of his work and I love it. Keep a look out for his work at fairs etc if you don't own some already. :o))

    Pear Tree miniatures are on my wants list...alas so far I only own books by them!

    Michelle :o))

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I hadn't heard of Duncan White before, just Googled him, and LOVE his pieces!! I can't find a website where he sells his items direct but there is a good selection on sale at:

      (this is a good site for other miniatures too, well worth a look!)

      I would love a piece by Pear Tree Miniatures too!!

      Andy xx

  10. OOOHH, I Really like this post, Andy! Wish I could go Shopping! It provides wonderful ideas and sources for those Early homes! I decided to not build the Screen for my Great Hall Minstrel's Gallery... it would have confined the Hall too much... And I like to think they were a later embellishment on the Medieval Halls... designed to cut down on drafts and conceal the Serving Areas.... But the Thorne Room example is EXQUISITE! As are many of the furnishings and accessories you have shown.....I plan to try my hand at building some of the furniture for my Castle...
    But, OH to DREAM!

    1. Hi,

      I think you're right, the screen passage wasn't included in early medieval halls, and they were used as a screen from draughts and to conceal serving rooms. The one in the Thorne Room does look amazing doesn't it, mind you all the Thorne Rooms are exquisite!

      Good luck with your future furniture building projects!!