Thursday, 5 January 2012

Something New for the New Year!

Here is a sneak-preview of my latest dolls house project, well a little part of it anyway! I will reveal all very soon! This project is still very much a work in progress, particularly with the interior furnishing, the kitchen above being one of the rooms with the most to see inside so far ( I dare say it will find some changes here as the year progresses).

I have some other ideas for postings on my blog and am working on those too, which I hope you will all find useful, or at least interesting! Looking forward to seeing what everyone else gets up to this year too!


  1. Happy New Year to you both, Andy.
    The picture is very intriguing, I'm looking forward to seeing more. You don't need to tell me about changing plans...
    Good luck with it and best wishes for 2012,

  2. looks a lot like the kitchen in the Gallier House I visited not to long ago! I like your built-in stove.

  3. You're doing another dollhouse? Few have already? At this rate you'll have your own museum at home! A big, big hug!!

    ¿Te estás haciendo otra casa de muñecas? ¿Cuantas tienes ya? A este paso vas a tener tu propio museo en casa!! Un abrazo enorme, enorme!!

  4. I like the way you've built in the stove too. I love sneak previews. You'll have to tell us more about this property.

  5. Hi everyone! thanks for your messages, pleased you like this picture!

    Simon, I need to look at your blog again today to see what is new! Love what I have seen so far!

    Hi Troy, Gallier House looks beautiful, I love that old kitchen range they have! Great blog too!

    Hello Pedrete, yes, another house! If I make another one, I think I will have to try and sell it, there's not a lot of room left here now!

    Hi Irene, after your own sneak preview of your new project, I can't wait to see more of what you've been up to either!!

  6. Oh, I LOVE Sneak previews!..... But then I want to see MORE! LOL! I hope you are not going to keep me waiting too long!
    Really, I can't wait to see/know more! It looks really charming so far....!

  7. Hi Daydreamer, I won't keep you waiting for long I promise! All will be revealed soon! working on a few other ideas for my blog at present.

  8. Hi, Andy, sorry this comes so late but I am really excited to find out more about your new venture!

  9. Hi John, good to hear from you, hope you've got over that nasty flu bug you had! Will show you more soon, am working on a different project at the moment, for the blog, which is taking ages to put together!

  10. Andy, can't wait to see what you are hiding from us!

  11. Hi Natalia, will show you more soon!

    1. OMG ANDY!!!!!!

      I have been hiding under the biggest rock EVA!!!!! I don't know what has happened but every time I checked in all I could see was the NY post. Even my blog reminder didn't come through till now!!!!!

      My apologies.

      Well back to blogging, so exciting, it looks like you have moved into a more modern period given the range. I love the brick work and the coppers and I have the exact same chair!!!!

      Can't wait to see more you sly devil!!!

      Door is cute too!! Oh and food!!

      ML Fi x

  12. Hello Fi, well better late than never as my mum would say! I can tell you that the period is somewhere in the 1930's, but the building itself would be older. The range is staying, not sure about the coppr pans, as they were just some I had stored in a box.

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