Sunday, 28 April 2013

Fancy a Pint? The Swan Inn Gets a New Punter!

Ah! Spring is FINALLY here!! After what seems nothing short of a new Ice Age, we have suddenly arrived full swing into spring! The sunshine of the past week or so has brought out all the lovely spring flowers, so the garden is filled with colour once again, the birds are getting frisky, and the butterflies and bumble bees are embracing the early sunshine.

What better time to take you by the hand and take you through the changes at the Swan Inn?

You might notice Fred, the new customer seated on the settle at the back of the room. It's another Woodside Doll, from their cheaper range. He does have a slightly similar look to the barman, so maybe they are related (well this is a country pub!!).

You might also have noticed the little canine companion, which was a little stocking filler a few months back. And what else? well, there is the table and chairs, picked up from The Dolls' House in Northleach, as I felt the pub needed a bit of furniture in it. I'm not entirely convinced that it's right for the pub, but I love the chairs that go with it.

Charlie has seen a few changes also; gone are the narrow benches (there's one still under the window)  to be replaced by a lovely settle (from Northleach again!). I seem to have misplaced his dominoes somewhere though! I have also been thinking of dirtying the fireplaces a bit too, adding some soot, to make things look more realistic. What do you think?

Behind the bar there is a new swan! the old one was really a white duck, and when I saw this little china swan, I thought it might look a little more graceful behind the bar. 

I also got some new things for the kitchen. The mixer was another of those 'heart over head' purchases that I was discussing in my last post. I think I can just about get away with the period, but it doesn't really matter, as I do love it! The knives, jars of pickles, utensils and bowl of eggs were all purchased at a dolls' house fair just a few miles away near Milton Keynes.  I think the maker for most of the items was called Dollshouse Delights (sorry if this is not the case!!).

I also got the little broom, dustpan and brush from the same maker. I like little dolls house brooms and brushes, they remind me of Beatrix Potter's Tale of Two Bad Mice.

My next little project will be to make some little curtains, or perhaps just a pelmet in gingham fabric for the window above the sink. 


  1. Andy,

    Your pub is looking wonderful!! So many great purchases, each and every one of them bringing it to life. I really like the table and chairs and you're right, the chairs backs are lovely. Your new patron and carnie side kick work well, and they do look related.
    The swan looks great and I really love the collection on the kitchen table, the mixer is fab, I love these sort of items, just the thing to bring character to a scene so it doesn't matter if it just squeezes into your era.Love the brooms too....anything that brings a touch of Beatrix Potter into a dolls house is perfect. Remember Mia and I had to have the Ham....hehe!

    I'm so glad spring has sprung for you, you will be thawed out in no time!

    ML Fi XXX

  2. P.S I think putting some soot in the fire place is a great idea!

  3. Hi Andy!
    Yes, do dirty up the fire place!And the broom please!
    Love your purchases, that chairs&table are gorgeous and I melted when I saw that doggie.
    It looks so much more realistic with all what you bought in place.
    And I'm always grinning when reading you give every purchase such thorough thought before buying :)
    But it shows.

  4. Looks great. Some lovely pieces, love the swan. I agree - dirty up the fire place a bit. Give is some 'history'.

  5. The pub looks great Andy! Yes do add some soot to the fireplace and I love the swan. Have you thought about a roll-up blind for the kitchen window, a non-working one is quite easy to make. I made one for the scullery in my Victorian house and I love the uncluttered look of it above the sink.

  6. Beautiful, Andy. Yes, please add some soot to the fireplaces! This pub looks exactly like real English pubs I've visited except for one's spotlessly clean. Real-life pubs have dust in the corners, sooty old fireplaces, etc.

    Electric mixers for home use are okay for any scene after about 1920, but were in commercial use before that, so if the Swan Inn is meant to be early-20th-century, it's fine.

  7. Hi Andy!

    The small details that make it more realistic pub is slowly filled. I think that Yes, you'd have to get a little dirty chimney, thus is too white and too new.

    A big hug!

  8. You have made a beautifull Inn.

    Greetings Xandra

  9. It's always the details that bring a scene to life - and you've added some lovely ones. And if the kitchen aid is a little too modern, who cares... I think it's mostly about having fun and liking what you do, isn't it? But you'll have no other choice than dirtying this fireplace... ;O)


  10. It looks lovely.
    The details are really very very nice.
    The real English cosiness.
    The bar looks awful nice, with all those nice bottles, I think I'll come over quickly and have a drink.


  11. I'm so jealous you have spring flowers. We still have brown grass! And 'ice volcanoes...'

    I love all your new changes for the pub --it looks so inviting. Of course you should add some soot to the fireplace! (Was that a trick question)? lol.

    Good luck with he curtains, Andy and Happy Spring!

  12. Hi Andy! Sorry I am late for the Evening Pint! I LOVE the additions to the Swan! The new patron and his dog are "spot on" and the chairs are Gorgeous! I agree the fireplace MUST be dirtied up!!! As for making those curtains.... you can always Try it and if it looks awful just rip it out! I Love the new "Swan" behind the bar and I agree that anything that makes the place feel "right" to you should be included, regardless of period accuracy! This place is looking better and more real every time I come here!!!

  13. Hello Andy,

    Your pub looks amazing. You are doing such terrific work! I was scrolling through the pictures and came to a dead stops when I saw your chairs. They look great! I've been looking for some realistic bent wood chair just like them. Can you share your source?

    Your project is wonderful! It's evident that you are putting a lot of thought and talent into this great building. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous pub!

    All best,

  14. Hello Andy,
    What a lovely visit to the Inn! You always choose the most wonderful furniture and accessories. I love the table and chairs! Even if you decide to use them in another project they are beautiful pieces. You have a really great eye for quality! Ha! I blove the broom and dustpan set...lovely.
    Big hug,

  15. Hi Andy,

    Yes, must add soot to the fireplace! I like the table and chairs and they look good to me where you put them. I had forgotten that the "swan" was really a duck, but I am glad it is now a Swan.

    The people in the Swan look good. In fact, all your touches in the Swan are just right. Wish the pub was closer to Connecticut--I'd be a regular!


  16. what a wonderful pub! it looks like a nice place to pop in an have a pint!

  17. That's a pretty impressive table you have in the pub now. I like it. I'm sorry I'm late with this post, like you I'm really far behind with blogging. All of the new additions are perfect for their spot - you have a good eye.

    I think your jug of utensils in the kitchen is crying out for a spurtle! (Got your details - in the post tomorrow :-)).

  18. Hello everyone, thanks for all your lovely comments. I shall work on sooting up my fireplaces in due course ;)

    Brad - the chairs came from a shop in the UK, called The Dolls House. it's in Northleach, a small village in the Cotswolds. They do have a website, but I don't think that the chairs are on that. The maker has retired, but Michal, the owner, had several available still last time I was in the shop.

    There is another maker of the Windsor chairs I know of, but they don't come cheaply! see

    Hope that helps!

  19. Hi Andy,

    the pub is looking fantastic, I would very much like to sit and have a pint there! I've found that artist's charcoal crumbled up and blown into various corners works quite well to get a natural effect. If you dampen the corners with a damp cloth first, it sort of sticks on. I had to practice a few times before I did it for real, and after a year, the soot has still clung on to the stonework.

    I love the swan! Just perfect behind the bar!