Saturday, 27 October 2012

More Holiday Photos


Before I show you what I have been up to in Mini Land, I thought I would show you a few more snaps from our little holiday in Norfolk, as some of you were so kind to say you'd like to see them!! ;)

First of all I wanted to tell you about a church in Cambridgeshire that we visited on the way home. I have heard of this church many times and have longed to see it personally, so when I realised it was on my route home, if I deviated a bit, I could pop in and see it.

The church is called St Wendreda's, in the small market town of March in Cambridgeshire. Admittedly,  it doesn't look all that special from the outside; attractive with its stone spire, but nothing out of the ordinary. Well, it isn't the outside I waned to see.

What we weren't expecting was that the church appeared to be closed and locked up. I was a bit sad that what I had always wanted to see was not going to be possible, but luckily, although the church was officially closed whilst building work was being done inside, the builders kindly let us come in to look around and take a few photos.

But what was it I wanted to see? well St Wendreda's has a particularly beautiful double hammerbeam roof, though that isn't exactly why it is famous, nor why I wanted to come. It is what is on that roof that makes this church so attractive.

Sadly, my camera lacked the power to take a really good image, here are some of the better ones.

Yes, it is the angels for which this church is well known! The ceiling is full of them, winged sentinels who look like they might lift off the roof and fly away with it at any moment. I am not a religious person, but there is something deeply moving about all these angels, and I am so pleased I finally got a chance to see them.

I found a few other photos of the roof on the web which show the angels a bit better than my pics do.

Here are a few other snapshots of places we went to on holiday, in no particular order.

from the cathedral gate in Norwich 
Mirror and wall sconces from the bathroom at Blickling Hall

A battered old chair, possible by William Kent in Holkham Hall Library

A rather splendid table in Holkham Hall, again maybe by William Kent

Another view of the entrance hall at Holkham

The spire on Methwold's church

a close up of a fire dog decoration from Methwold Old Vicarage

Another view of the wall paintings at the Vicarage

Gothic style clock tower at Downham Market

A golden swan on a building in Downham Market

Part of the Crescent at Wisbech

a rather ugly fountain in March, Cambs


  1. What a sight to behold! Those angels are fantastic, I would not have wanted to miss that either.

  2. More lovely pics Andy - thank you for sharing. The church must have been impressive to see for real.

    PS. Re the little bottle you liked in my HH bathroom - you can get them here: can get similar mirrors and candlesticks to those at Blickling Hall from here:

  3. What incredible detail and so unique! Well worth the visit Andy. I'm always so amazed when i see that level of craftsmanship, the angels are beautiful.

    ml Fi xx

  4. I'm not very religious, either, but those great works never fail to move me. Those angels are fantastic. I even sort of liked the 'ugly' makes you laugh and though that was probably its designer's intention, there's nothing wrong with that, right?

    Thanks for sharing, Andy (and thanks, Irene, for the links)!

  5. Me encantan tus entradas porque siempre aprendo y veo cosas muy interesantes. Gracias

  6. Another great post!
    Those angels attached to the roof... I think a sight like that is only to be seen in the UK; it is fairy-like and has a kind of deep serenity at the same time.
    I like the fountain, even though it is obviously 'not done' to like it but I can't help myself....LOL

  7. Hello Andy,
    You take amazing pictures. It's so great tob e able to see all these wonderful places and things through your eyes.
    Big hug,

  8. I love to see old buildings such as these. It's hard to contemplate the amazing skill of the craftsmen considering the time and with such limited technology. Truly beautiful.

  9. Hello Andy, thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures! Especially the ones of all those angels! All those wings on the roof: it is like Pepper said amazing skill of the craftsmen in that time!! The angels must be guardian angels, it really is a beautiful idea :D!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  10. Wow, Andy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the angels on that ceiling!!! I have never heard of them! I may just have to "borrow" that idea for one of my unfinished ceilings.... in mini, of course! All your other pictures are fascinating as well. You know I am a fan of Old English Architecture... so any glimpse is a Treat! Thanks for sharing this "eye candy" .... better than any hard candy on this Halloween Eve!!!

  11. Great photos and wonderful architecture. Sandie