Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Happy Hallowe'en!!!!

Hope you all have a happy Hallowe'en! I was trying to think about what I found scariest as a child, and remembered the old Public Information Broadcasts that used to be shown on TV when I was a kid, back in the 1790's and early 1980's. Being totally honest, I don't remember the Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water as a child, but it's certainly creepy, and David does remember it well!

I think the idea was to scare kids out of doing anything wrong, and it worked! for me anyway!!!

I do remember this next one. I couldn't go near an electricity sub station not far from my home, which used to hum and buzz in a very sinister way, I used to try and avoid going past it in case I ended up being zapped by evil electricity just like poor Jimmy!!!

Yes, it wasn't all Bagpuss and The Flumps on TV, they wanted us to live in mortal terror as well! Charlie was a slightly less scary character used to warn us of the dangers of strangers, matches and hot water.

Whatever you are doing to celebrate Hallowe'en remember to play SAFELY, or you may end up in your own Public Information Film!!!!! ;o)


  1. Hello Andy,
    How in the hell did any of the children sleep at night or leave their houses after seeing this!!! Charlie looks like a mad Chechire cat!
    Happy Halloween to you and David.
    Big hug,

  2. Hello Andy, I am unknown with Halloween! I can't get rid of the idea that children must be scared of with the most scariest movies and dolls (on Johns blog)on this creepy way! I guess they'll be traumatised for ever ;)?! For me: I am still hunting on ghosts for my Halloween blogpost tomorrow ;)!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Oh forgotten: Happy Halloween to you both :D!!

  4. Oh my word, I'd forgotten all about the 'Charlie says' adverts. Can you remember Joe and Petunia warning about the dangers of the sea? Ha-ha..the British have such weird ideas about getting the message across.

    Have a fab Halloween. Hope the floaty head under the bed hasn't given you nightmares =0)


  5. Oh - I remember these! Especially the electricity sub station one. They obviously worked, because I was as freaked out by the sinister buzzing as you were, so I guess they served their purpose! There were also fairly grim car safety ones too, as far as I can remember, with screeching tyres and ominous thuds.

    Happy Hallowe'en!


  6. LOL! Those are AW-SUM! Happy Halloween, you guys!

    "I'll be back!"
    --John XO

  7. Scarier than Dr Who for making you hide behind the couch!

    Happy Halloween!

  8. Hi Andy,

    Sorry I missed Halloween. I hope you had fun and didn't get too scared!!

    Those clips are scary and would have frightened the living daylights out of me when I was a child. They obviously take public safety pretty seriously over there!!

    ML Fi xx

  9. Hello Andy!

    As you are? I hope that very well. I'm very busy with the Madrid fair. Although this year do not explain, I have to submit multiple orders at the fair. Which I have barely time for anything. I loved the photographs that you put your trip. This year I am much reminded of my trip to London. I'd go back, but I'm afraid that at the moment you cannot.

    A big hug!

    ¡Hola Andy!

    ¿Como estás? Espero que muy bien. Yo ando muy atareado con la feria de Madrid. Aunque este año no expongo, tengo que entregar varios pedidos en la feria. Con lo cual no tengo apenas tiempo para nada. Me encantaron las fotografías que pusiste de tu viaje. Este año me estoy acordando mucho de mi viaje a Londres. Me encantaría volver, pero me temo que de momento no será posible.

    ¡Un abrazo enorme!