Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Blog to make you smile! ;o)

Hello, I just wanted to share a blog with you that I have been following for a while, some of you may already know of it.

It is a wonderful, whimsical blog with miniature mice, that can lift my spirits on days when I'm feeling low (like today!)



  1. Isn't it fun? Just the thing to bring a smile on ya face! I follow this blog and do look in for a smile or two. :o)))

    Michelle :o))

  2. Hi Andy,

    I DID enjoy the trip to Mouseland with thanks and hope that your spirits are soon brightened.

    Take care,

  3. I LOVE her work, Andy! I agree.... it is Utterly Charming! Makes me Smile EVERY time!

  4. That is so cute and so funny!
    Thank you Andy, this will come in very handy on those long days at the office!
    Have a great day!

  5. That's hilarious, and somehow really charming too! Hope you're feeling better soon,


  6. So true! Maggie Rudy's work is fantastic! :-) Jennifer

  7. Thanks for the link Andy. I hope you have a better day! Troy

  8. You're right - it does make you smile. Thanks for the link. I particularly liked the "pin the tail on the cat"!

    Hope you're a happier bunny today and looking forward to a fab Saturday!

  9. Hi Andy,

    sorry to hear your feeling low......: (

    I have seen this blog before and I think is just delightful. How perfectly she captures human moments in her little mice. I think the book must be beautiful.

    Fi xxxxx extra x's to lift your spirits!!! I hope every thing is okay.

  10. Hello All, sorry for all the confusion over posting comments, I removed the two word (if you could call them words!) varification (many thanks to the revolting John!), and to prevent spam I began moderating messages, but I didn't know where they all went before I could moderate them!! found it all now!! So pleased you all like the Mice! ;)

    I am much more chipper today, thank you, just had an off day when I posted this originally.

    Today is Saturday, I have just come back from an EXHAUSTING day at the Birmingham Miniaturia exhibition, brim full of miniature goodies. Spent way too much! (as usual!) and will show some of the stuff I bought ASAP.

    I also need to show you the two kind gifts I received from Elga and a wonderful collection of shells, complete with shell sketches and tiny packages I received from Australia. Fi actually sent them to me a while ago, but I knew she was sending some to a few other people too and I didn't want to spoil their surprise!

    I'm also working on a new Period Style Guide, which will appear here soon, Seventeeth Century England (and maybe a bit of Scotland and Wales too!)

    Time to catch up on all of you now.

    PS, I hope Simon is OK, not heard from him in a while!!