Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Artist of Oz

Last week a very special parcel arrived from the other side of the world (two in fact, but that is a whole other story!). Inside the parcel, carefully packed, were a host of heavenly gifts from Australia, sent by the angelic Fi 

David has already posted about his special little gift from Fi on his own blog. I also received a lovely painting in miniature. A picturesque landscape full of amazing detail. in a delightful golden frame!

Once I had had time to take in the detail of the painting, and imagine all the hard work that went into it, I had to find somewhere special to hang it! Fi suggested that it was not quite right for an eighteenth century home, and might look good in the pub, but I was certain that it would look perfect in the Georgian house. I tried it in various rooms, resting on a chair, for want of an easel! 

But the painting wasn't the only thing Fi had made for me! There was also this perfect pineapple, sent with a collection of other pineapple related gifts for the Big Pineapple. The miniature pineapple, or Little Pineapple, has been placed in the hall in a grand comport to welcome guests to the Georgian House. 

And I also felt that the landscape painting looked perfect in the hall as well, where everyone who came to the house would see it!

Here is another shot of the two gifts together, the pineapple does look a bit lonely in its great big stand doesn't it!!

In putting Fi's lovely landscape in the hall, I was left with a stray Stubbs horse (always a problem!!). However, I soon found a new home for it in His Lordship's attic bedroom; it also meant I was able to replace the dull old painting that was there originally!

His Lordship seems quite fond of race horses and paintings of them, there is also a horsey painting above his dressing table. I'm not too sure about the chair in this room; a recent addition. It looked OK in the shop, but seems massive in this tiny room. I'm also not entirely happy with the colour of the wood. Still, it was a bargain, the shop was selling off its remaining Bespaq stock, and there were one or two other things I snapped up.

So, I would like to thank Fi for her lovely thoughtful gifts and show her that they have settled into their new home very well! Over the past couple of years I have been sent some amazing gifts and prizes from generous people all over the world, and I would like to take this chance to thank them once again, I have been touched by the kindness and generosity of my friends in Blogland!

xxxx Andy xxxx


  1. Your gifts are beautiful. You can tell that there are hours and hours in the work. Very talented. Lucky you.

  2. What lovely gifts, Andy. And I agree, I think the picture looks perfect in the hall. Incidentally, I'm green with envy over your blue porcelain collection!!
    Best wishes

  3. That picture looks just great there, Andy!lovely gifts indeed; glad to hear from you, hope all is well

  4. What lovely gifts and I think the painting does look great in the hall, I also think his lordship might appreciate a few more horsey paintings they would look good in his attic bedroom. I agree the chair does look a bit out of keeping with the rest of his room but if he likes it ...

  5. Hi Andy! I have to say that this painting of Fi's is very beautiful and you have placed it very well too! I love the detail of her work in miniature and the scene that she has chosen for her subject is very serene. You have situated the horse painting in the bedroom very well too and it looks as though it has always been in that spot. Well done! Placing art work is no different than placing furniture and choosing drapes. It is another important detail that matters.


  6. Fiona really spoiled you with her beautiful gifts :-)
    I admire the gorgeous landscape painting she made; Fiona is such a talented artist! Enjoy the lovely presents! Hugs, Liduina

  7. Such beautiful paintings, both of them! Lucky you. Horsey bedrooms do seem to be a bit of a thing...I've seen a couple on Apartment Therapy house tours, the Carrillo Ranch in California has one, and among a certain class, horses have never gone out of vogue. Perhaps his lordship has some riding gear stashed in the bureau?

    Bespaq pieces have such great details but I am never entirely satisfied with them...I've reupholstered a chaise and a chair, and when I have a place for it, I'm going to strip and re-finish a Bespaq sleigh bed in a lighter shade.

  8. Dear Andy,
    What a nice gifts. That painting fits perfectly in the hall. What a great idea to put the pineapple there! I would have placed it in the kitchen but in the hallway is a nice place also. It's a real eye catcher this way.
    Hugs Dorien

  9. What lovely gifts all the way from down south! Fi's gifts looks just perfect in your entrance hall, I suppose you could always add another exotic fruit or two to the pineapple, his lordship can obviously afford the very best of furniture, accessories and food!

  10. Hello Andy,
    What wonderful presents. Fi is so incredibly talented. the painting and pineapple are beautiful and perfect for the hall! I'm glad you found a new spot for the painting in the bedroom...your rooms are so beautiful, I love looking at them.
    Big hug,

  11. Fiona's gifts are breathtaking, especially that beautiful painting. Looks like you've found the perfect place of honor for this extraordinary piece. And I bet his lordship will be content with this new fabulous horse painting - more content than with the chair. It's a lovely piece, but in my opinion you should find another place for it, the colour is a true case of too much in this lovely room.


  12. A gorgeous painting! Beautiful and very special gifts from a most talented artist. You found a good spot for each.
    Hugs, Drora

  13. Hi Andy
    those are lovely paintings, you are so lucky to have a friend like Fi :)


  14. Hi Andy,

    Well, what a long way they have travelled! Its almost a bit surreal to see things that once were in your possession on the other side of the world at their intended destination. Although that beautiful silver dish is far too grand for my awkward little pineapple, perhaps some more fruit might help as you say, I really like that last photo with the shaded pineapple and the painting in the back ground.

    i think the Lord of the house feels very happy with two horse paintings in his bedchamber, although I wondered if you could fit a few paintings on the wall in the hall? I like that look of lots of paintings hung together.

    ML Fi xx

  15. Hi Andy,

    that is one beautiful painting - lucky you! I think it suits the house perfectly, and it looks very calming. I never knew you had a bit of a pineapple 'thing'...where did that come from?

    Please could His Lordship have a decent sheet on the bed... poor thing looks like he sleeps with a horse blanket (maybe to feel close to his equine friends...). What are the dimensions of said bed? So, ahem, someone might, cough, get their needle and thread out.....


  16. Hi Andy,

    Fi's painting is incredible! I can't imagine painting something that miniscule. How did she do it? And that pineapple is also lovely. Both gorgeous additions to your Georgian house!