Thursday, 1 August 2013

Back from the Real World!!

Hello everyone!! Sorry to have been so quiet for so many weeks, but I have been flat out with things to do in the real world that the miniatures and blog land have taken a back seat. One of my tasks has been to redecorate my bedroom, which took a lot longer than I thought it would, but is now (almost) complete!! 

Above is a photo of the rather scruffy piece of furniture I purchased recently for ebay. The picture really does it too much justice!! It was in a real state when we got it home (the top of the chest of drawers fell of as we were carrying it!!). However, there was something about its size, shape and nice cabriole legs that appealed to me - it had potential!!

So, after days of sanding and cleaning it up, priming and painting it, giving it some new handles and installing it in my bedroom, it now looks quite unlike its old self and is quite at home now. My own version of shabby chic, without too much shabby!!

And here is the chest of drawers in its new home!!

I also need to say an overdue thank you to some of my blogging friends. Irene from Small and Stately
sent me a wonderful miniature spurtle, use for stirring porridge, along with its life-sized counterpart, when I won here blog give-away recently. She also sent me some Edinburgh Rock, which brought back some wonderful memories of my Scots grandparents. I have gobbled all the rock up now, hence why it doesn't feature in the picture!!

The miniature spurtle has been beautifully made and will be found a very good miniature home. Thank you Irene!

John from Merriman Park also deserves my thanks for very kindly sending me his very own Pretty Pleater!! Yes, Pretty Pleater herself! I will, once I have fully regained my mini-head, get to work with the Pretty Pleater and make some curtains for my dolls house. No excuses anymore!!

There are several other mini projects I am thinking about too!

I promise to try and catch up with all your recent posts, sorry I haven't made many comments recently, I am sure I will be back in full swing very soon. 

Andy xxx


  1. Hi Andy!

    What a joy having you back in the blogosphere! Are you I missed!

    The chest of drawers has been beautiful. It was a piece of furniture with many possibilities and you have given new life with the elegant appearance of such.

    A huge hug and not both evenings in republishing something!

  2. Hello Andy,
    You have really brought new life to the dresser. it looks beautiful! great work! What lovely presents! Do not fear the pretty pleater. While making mini drapes is still one of the many banes of my existence, it is not that bad at all.
    Big hug,

  3. Hi Andy! Welcome back! Decorating Always takes longer than we think it will! But your "new" chest of drawers looks right at home! I would never have recognized it from the first picture... it is amazing what the change of color will do!!! As for the spurtle and the pretty pleater... I look forward to seeing what you "do" with them! (Curtains are NOT my strong point... so I am eager to see what you can do with the pretty pleater!)

  4. That dresser looks great. Lucky you for winning such a wonderful prize.

  5. Welcome back Andy! Your dresser transformation turned out beautiful and looks great in your room.
    Have fun making curtains!

  6. Hi Andy! It takes a trained eye to see the potential in a washed out old dresser and you have been rewarded with a really lovely piece of furniture! Beautiful job of restoration and now sit back and enjoy the results! Welcome back!


  7. Hi Andy, welcome back in blog land, I thought you were disappeared for good ;)!! The make over of this dresser took a lot of your time, but the result is fantastic.
    Congratulations on winning the give away from Irene. John has spoiled you with his pretty pleater, don't worry it isn't difficult to work with. I hope to see your curtains soon ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Love the transformation of the chest of drawers. They look classy.

  9. Dear Andy,
    Welcome back. What a nice chest of drawers!! That make over brings me to ideas.
    Thank you !!
    Hugs Dorien

  10. It's good you're back in blogland... but you've worked miracles in the meantime. That chest of drawers turned out fantastic, it's hard to believe that the pictures show the same piece of furniture. What a makeover! And congrats on your wonderful gifts, now I'm curious to see the pretty pleater at work... ;O)


  11. Hi Andy,
    Glad to hear/read from you again!
    Although IMHO the original handles are great, I do love what you have done to the chest of drawers, you really updated it in a tasteful way.
    Those are real sweet gestures made by John and Fi and I am already curious about your curtains... not to put any pressure on ;))

  12. Hi Andy,

    What a transformation! Your room looks lovely, very elegant, you know what would look wonderful with those pictures on the wall?? A pretty Laura Ashley Duvet cover! You have done wonders with the cabinet, no sign of it's former life and those handles are very nice.I'm looking forward to seeing it in completion.

    You know you have been rather naughty though not checking in on my blog, especially considering I have mentioned you in it, the one before last that is!

    Lovely gifts from John and Irene too, I never heard of a porridge stirrer.

    ML Fi xx

  13. Arrrgghhh... Of course I meant John and Irene in my comment; sorry Irene...!