Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Spooky Darling!

Anyone who has read my blog might be aware that I am a not so secret fan of Lego. When I saw this Lego Haunted House on sale last year, I had to have it! After a few quiet words in the ears of Santa's Little Helper, I got to unwrap this on Christmas afternoon!

It has lots of great little details and as it's a house, opens up to reveal its interior and is furnished inside, I though it deserved a place on my dolls' house blog! 

The house is supposed to look run down and derelict, which isn't easy with Lego bricks, but the designer did a great job on this! 

It comes with its own gates too. Inside there's a kitchen, a bedroom, an entrance hall with fireplace and a study, there are also attics in the Mansard roof, complete with old gramophone and of course all the resident ghosts! There's also a zombie chef and Lurch type butler.


  1. Hey Dayle, a rundown LEGO house! I died and went to heaven! ;0 gr. AM

  2. Hi Andy
    What a treat this must have been! It looks great, and they've thought of all the details.
    Thanjs for sharing - im off to google more...

  3. This is stunning - never knew Lego built something like this. I totally agree with you, the details are fantastic... so much to look at. My favourites are the ghost... like the face expressions. Thanks a lot for showing.


  4. Oh My God!!! I am Awestruck!!! I LOVE it!!!(My sons would play with LEGO's non-stop!) I agree with you that it is worthy of a place in your Dollhouse collection!!! I always loved the little pieces that could "double" as dollhouse items... coins and cups and small accessories... but a Whole House...FANTASTIC!!!
    I'm so glad your Santa was good to you! All those little pieces are incredible!!! Thanks for sharing this Andy!

  5. This is the best leggo kit I have ever seen!!

    It must have cost Santa a fortune! I remember buying jay leggo kits and you just about had to put a mortgage out on them!

    I can't believe it opens up with rooms inside, and there are so many scary characters in there, poor Mr Gohsty looks ver sad though.....I wonder why? Leggo sure have out done them selves with this one!!

    You must have the neatest desk Andy, and I love your screen saver!

    Big Hugs, Fi xxxx

  6. Oh, this is cool, Andy, love it, now why didn't they make Lego like this when I was small, I might have discovered dollhouses earlier in my life! As a child I never knew about miniatures, I was already a mom with my first baby when I found a book by Brian Nichols on building dollhouses in the library and a whole new world opened up for me. It took me another 10 years to actually get started with a dollhouse, back then I knew nothing about woodworking, etc.

  7. Wow what a neat lego house! Ive never seen one like it. To cool

  8. Jajaja! Oh Andy, I can't believe me these things you like! House is very funny and also is very accomplished, but does not fit me anything with the rest of works that are often seen on this blog. I am glad to see that in many cases we never be children, that's great!

    A huge hug, my dear Andy!

  9. When are we moving in, dear? I hope there's room for my coffin.

    David xx

  10. Hi Andy, finally I am in blogland after two days no internet connection :( It is great that you show the Lego on your blog: it is nostalgia for me, my son played with this kind of stuff :D!!
    I haven't had Lego in my childhood, it was too expensive. No, I made everything for my own dollshouses, they were made of shoeboxes and a lot of tape :D. I invented a lot of things by myself, I made pots and pans of clay, the beds were made of cardboard and paper curtains etcetera, I loved it then as much as I do now :D
    Enjoy your Lego, Andy, it is awesome :DDDD!!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  11. OK, I'm in the middle of --whatevs-- that is by far the coolest present EVER! I'm SO JEALOUS!!!!

  12. Oh! me encantaban los Legos... La casa es preciosa. Besos

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  14. This is awesome! I didn't even know you could buy derelict Lego ghost houses :O Thanks for sharing! Blaithin

  15. Hello everyone, thanks for all your lovely comments, I really love this Lego house, it's such great fun!

    Not sure I am brave enough to show you the little work dungeon I have, but it's nice to see how other people work!

    Hugs for everyone
    Andy xxxx