Wednesday, 28 September 2011

This is the facade of my Georgian dolls house. It's the first dollshouse that I had ever built, and although it is far from perfect, I am very proud of it! I hadn't done any wood work since I was at school, (many years ago now!) and the book shelf that I made at there fell to bits!! So this was an ambitious first attempt. The top part of the house is based on a design by Brian Nickolls, as I mentioned before. The basement is my own design and was built and added later, to provide a large kitchen area and library. Including hall and landings there are 12 rooms on 4 floors. It took about 2 years to complete, although it is still not entirely finished, there are a few little jobs left to do!


  1. Andy, it's absolutely amazing! How do you plan on finishing the exterior?

  2. Well, it's currently painted in Farrow and Ball's Savage Ground colour paint, which I like, I had though of painting a more authentic stone effect on it, but it's kind of settled on the colour it is, I do need to fix a balcony rail on each side above the basement. its an unusual arrangement, having a balcony rail at that level, certainly not something seen on many Palladian style houses! but I didn't have much option as I had to design a basement that would accomodate the front pedement and columns. The staircase leading up to the front door is based on one at the rear of Chiswick House in London.