Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Dining Room

This is the dining room from my Georgian house. I based it on the dining room at No1 Royal Crescent in Bath, which has a similar arrangement of furniture in the room, and similar colour scheme. Nearly all the furniture is made from wooden kits that I bought from Robert Longstaff. The mirror is by Lucy Askew. Some of the silverware is pewter, from Warwick Miniatures, and some pieces, including the cutlery is made from sterling silver (don't look too closely as some of it could do with a good polish!!)


  1. Great job on the furniture kits, Andy. The room is so elegant and balanced. That grey-green color on the walls is perfect. With such a pedigreed 'inspiration room,' how could you possibly go wrong?

  2. Yes, If you can get to it I would recommend a visit to No1 Royal Crescent in Bath, it has some lovely rooms to give you inspirational ideas, and if the 18th century is your period then you'll love it!