Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Look for the Sign!

I haven't done much in the miniature line for a while, so there isn't much progress to show you, but one thing that has been done is the sign on the pub.

If you go back through some old posts you will see that I painted the swan (or swans as there is one on each side) a while ago, but that was as far as it got for a while. I recently framed the sign and hung it in position. 

At first I thought it might be a bit low down, but 


  1. Lovely paintings and I think the sign is perfectly positioned, very nice.

  2. It's such a lovely painting Andy. It looks perfectly at home near the door. Mine's a rum and coke if you're going to the bar ;0)

  3. Andy - your sign is stunning! Celia

  4. Good to see new pics of the pub! That position of the sign is perfect if you ask me :)
    The blue in the sign & flowers give the pub a fresh and inviting look against that white; crisp and fresh, I'd have a drink there


  5. Just the right place - and height ;O) - for your fantastic sign. Looks absolutely stunning... and totally inviting.


  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments. I appreciate all of your encouragement! I have a few projects I need to get on with in my Georgian dolls' house, and your feedback helps me to get myself motivated!

    Andy xxx

  7. I LOVE your Swans, Andy! And I think the sign is Perfect for your pub!!! I just Adore the Pub signs you have in England! They have so much character and are usually Beautiful too! Very well done!