Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Catching Up

This is a post to try and catch up with the bits and pieces I have purchased, or been given as gifts over the summer. I haven't been to many dolls house fairs this year, and will miss the Autumn Miniatura in September too sadly. I did get to the Dolls' House Fair at Kensington back in May. I bought the telescope in the picture above, which is for the library in the Georgian house. I can't remember the name of the artist who made it though!

The little book below the telescope was a surprise gift from Ellie De Lacy! I had asked her at a previous show if she had any other books on architecture in her miniature collection, besides Colin Campbell's, and suggested Serlio's book on architecture would be a good one to do. And here it is in its miniature form! I was thrilled! the book is full of tiny architectural studies, a must-have book for any Georgian gentleman. See www.elliedelacy.co.uk for more of her fabulous miniature books, all handmade, with hand stitching and leather binding on many of them.

I finally sorted out some lighting for the servants' hall to match those in the kitchen. the battery operated lamp looks just the same, but without any of the fiddly wiring I thought I would have to do, however, it doesn't give out all that much light compared to the electrical lamps, something to bare in mind if you are planning to use battery powered lamps in any of your projects.

Some other views of the new lamp and a comparison with those in the kitchen.

In July David and I went to Hampton Court Palace, where we met up with Fi and her family, on holiday from Australia, we had a lovely day, Hampton Court Palace is an amazing place to visit, full of history, with beautiful state rooms and even actors dressed as former kings, queens and courtiers performing in the palace!

Fi gave me some loaves of bread she had made herself, she made the chopping board too, complete with knife marks and bread crumbs! She also gave us the pot of daisies she had bought at a miniatures fair in Australia.

Thanks once again Fi! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your holiday in Europe.

David Iriarte continues to produce some fantastic miniatures and it was nice to be able to buy a little something from him The Chinese style vases on the wall brackets fit in well with other items in the landing of the Georgian house. I think I might look into buying some new paintings or frames to go where the current ones are now, and maybe replace the half-moon tables at some point too. But all in good time.

I have always wanted a fan to go on the dressing table in the main bedroom of my Georgian house, but was never very impressed with any I had seen at miniature fairs or online before, I wanted one that would open and close, and still be in scale. A very tall order I know!

But not impossible!! I was so excited by this fan made by Truly Scrumptious, who do a fantastic range of miniatures from all periods, and all with great attention to detail. www.trulyscrumptiousonline.com

As you can see the fan does indeed open and close, it is extremely fragile, especially for my big clumsy hands, so it does get opened up very much, but I like to think it can be done if needed, and still looks good when folded up, and sits very well on the dressing table. I am also planning to purchase one of their new range of desk top globes, they had sold out at the Kensington show when I went!

Also wanted to say congratulations to John of Merriman Park, and Giac of English Manor dollhouse for the recent articles on their amazing dolls houses that have featured recently in dolls' house magazines here in the UK. 


  1. Looks like you bought quite a haul at Kensington. I'm going for the first time in November and I'm tres excited =0D Are the lamps 3 volt? That would account for the fact that the led is rated at 3 volt and the luminance much less than hard wired (12 volt) Still pretty lamps though. Glad you had a good day with Fi and her family. I miss her posts.

  2. I like that shot of the kitchen through the arch and yes, the lights give off a "blue" light, don't they? I've got one at the Dairy in the Basement of Netherton and while it does the job (ie. no need for wires) I'm not too taken with the light itself. Never mind.

    I've just noticed that little stand with the bowl next to the dressing table in the bedroom - that's nice. Also, well done on holding out for your folding fan - it's a lovely piece and the quality and detail in your telescope is just grand. Also, what could be more perfect for you than the tiny book on architecture?. Lucky you to have that.

    It's good to see you back posting again.

  3. Hello Andy,
    It is so nice to see a new post! What wonderful miniatures you acquired, but the telescope is gorgeous. What a terrific piece. I also love the book...and the vase is stunning, I love David's work!...everything is just beautiful. How lovely that you got to meet Fi and her family. Hampton court is on my bucket list.
    Thank you so much for your kind congratulations Andy. I am glad you liked the article.
    Big hug, and please don't stay away too long.

  4. You made the most fantastic purchases, the telescope is awesome and the fan unbelievable. And I really liked your photos of the kitchen, the view through the arch is gorgeous. And about the book - how kind of that lady to give this fantastic piece to you, it's beautiful.


  5. Hello Andy,
    Good to see a post from you :). And your purchases are beauties! I can so relate to wanting to have a fan that works, I too have been looking about everywhere for one.. thanks to you I have an address now... thanks! and the fan is lovely.
    So is the rest.. that book.. how sweet she gave it to you and what a good idea for a miniature book; a real subject and one that will appeal to lots of miniaturists, too. Good thinking on your part.
    The furniture matches very well in the servants room & kitchen, the telescope is a very nice purchase also and the vases too.
    I very much like that half moon table btw :)
    Hope you'll be posting again soon

  6. Hi Andy! Such wonderful treasures you have shown us and I love them all! The folding fan is perhaps my favorite, but then again, the book is a small wonder Regardless...
    "You done good kid! "
    enjoy your new goodies and great to have a new post from you, Andy!


  7. Oh, Andy! what divine treasures you have added to your collection! I admire those who hold out for the perfect scale... The fan is amazing! But so is that incredible telescope and that book!!! Great selections!
    What a wonderful thing to have a visit from Fi and her family! I hope they had an Awesome vacation!
    You should come see what I just posted on my blog.... I think you will enjoy seeing what I did with Your gift of a year ago!!! Thanks again for your contribution to my Mini World! It is really appreciated!!! :)

  8. Hi Andy! Excellent purchases! The telescope and tripod are absolutely amazing! Are they brass? I've always had a soft spot for miniature books and this one looks gorgeous!! The fan is beautifully delicate, something I wouldn't dare touch! I guarantee my ham fists are a lot worse than yours!!
    Kind regards, Brian.