Monday, 28 May 2012

Progress at The Swan Inn

Hi Everyone,

Hope that you are all well. I have been working a little on the Swan Inn,  I'm trying to fill it up with miniatures and am currently working on some signs to go on the front of the pub.

In the mean time, I thought I would show you some pictures of the progress made so far inside.

I felt the bar needed some life, so I bought two small figures at Kensington. They are by Woodside Dolls ( I like the barman with his bald head and flushed cheeks, who has a nice long apron on too. The other chap, seated by the fire (which still needs a little sooting up!!) is playing a lonely game of dominoes, as I found some miniature dominoes to go inside the empty dominoes box I bought back in March. I also found some empty beer glasses to hang above the bar, and some lovely martingale horse brasses from the Luggage Lady, who makes beautiful leather luggage and sundries, but sadly has no website!

Ah yes! there is also  bit of furniture in the pub too! the table and benches were made by Sandy Eismont (

I also took some pictures of the pubs accommodation. It is still not fully furnished, and I have put some odd bits inside to fill it up a bit, but they may not stay there for good, but give you an idea of what the will look like in the future.

this picture is the living room. The sofa is ghastly! it was given to me by a friend, and I plan to recover it, as I like the shape of it. It comes with a matching footrest, so that will need recovering too. The round wireless on the table and the telephone are both by Truly Scrumptious ( who do some amazing and unusual miniatures, and the details they include have to be seen to be believed!

As this is the first time I have shown the upstairs rooms in the pub, I should mention that there is a fireplace on the wall opposite the door. This room will eventually have a slightly chintzy 1930s feeling, with the odd bit of art-deco thrown in (more Woolworths than Cartier though!!).

Excuse the slightly odd angle of this room in the picture; these rooms are actually difficult to photograph without loosing a large part of them. The bedroom is the same size as the living room ( they are separated by  a landing). I will be keeping the washstand, and the chest of drawers, which has been treated since this picture was taken and now looks more like pine than lime wood. (the dressing table set from Carol can just been seen on the chest). The bed is NOT staying as I don't like it! I had toyed with the idea of painting it, but we shall see, I am either going to make something, or hope that something suitable turns up somewhere. I will be keeping the fabric on the bed, which I think is perfect for a blanket. I'm not sure the sewing machine is staying either, but it fills a space. I made the fireplace, which is identical the the one in the living room.

Both of these rooms look a little cold and impersonal at present, I am working on making the pub itself look lived in first, and only buy things for the accommodation when I see things I like for the right sort of price.

You might have seen the kitchen before. I have found a few new miniatures for it, but it's still a work in progress. I have a dish rack that will be fixed to the wall soon. It was originally bought for the Georgian house kitchen, but silly me, I forgot to measure it, and it was too big, so into the pub kitchen it goes instead!
I also want a little curtain and maybe a shelf go go above the window, I liked what Fi did with her kitchen so might look to 'borrow' her idea!!! ;o). I need to finish the wiring too, so (hopefully) the lights and fire places will all work.

So there we are! Still a long way to go yet, but progress none the less!


  1. Hi Andy, It's fun to watch your progress. I agree-the shape of the sofa is fantastic. It looks so cozy. I'd love to have a nap on it! Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks, I like teh shape of teh sofa too, just not the load fabric it has on it, I have a softer floral fabric with a smaller print I am planning to use to recover it, but it's one of those 'I'll get around to it later' sort of jobs!!

  2. Hi Andy
    I love what you have done so far, and the characters add fun and realness. It's amazing how they give a sense of scale too. I like all the nooks and crannies, with things on shelves and in cupboards.
    Can't wait to see more

    1. Hey Simon!

      glad you approve!! I thought for a while about adding figures, but wasn't sure what I wanted exactly, the two I found were good, but I need a few more to fill the other parts of the pub too!

  3. Hello Andy!
    I want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and I have learned so many things that I did not know. Thank you for all that you share.
    The "Swan Inn" is coming together very nicely. I agree with Simon that the characters add a note of realness. Both are perfect for the setting. Beer mugs are great! I particularly like the Pub's accomodations. The angles and arrangement make for cozy spaces. Yes! A curtain in the Kitchen would be perfect.
    Excited to continue seeing your great work.
    with warm regards from Ray x

    1. Hello Ray, thank you, that is very kind of you to say so, and good to know that you are enjoying my blog! I will see if I can get a curtain made up for the kitchen once I have had a few practice stitches, needles make me nervous, not injections, but sewing!!

      I was so pleased when I found the figures, and they looked right at home as soon as I had put them in place!

      Andy xx
      PS looking forward to seeing more of your project soon too!

  4. A lovely Inn, I'd really need to spend a couple days there! :D

  5. Hi Andy,
    I love your work. The pub is coming together very nicely. The gentlemen really add a lot of life to the room. The accomodations are also lovely. I love the shape of the rooms. They may not be finished but just their size allready feels kind of cozy and comfortable. That kitchen is perfect. The entire project is not only beautiful to look at, but I feel like I've been brought back in time. That's waht I love about your work, the journey one takes.
    Terrific work Andy,
    Big hug,

  6. Hi again Andy,
    Sorry, I woke me up at 4am and I'm a little out of it...Illustration board, from what I read online, is like bristol board, but with only 1 good side. From the description is sounds exactly like what I use.
    I hope this helps,
    Hugs again,

    1. Hi Giac,

      I've never thought of my project as a time machine before, but there's an element of truth in that!! It is a bit like setting up a stage, settling for a certain period in history and trying to make it look right for that period.

      I will google Bristol board and see what is available. Thanks. Hope you slept better the next night! ;o)


      Ps enjoy your holiday!!

  7. So many wonderful new purchases. This inn is a really wonderful project and I love following your progress.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Hello Drora,

      I am pleased you like the pub, and all the little things I have put inside it, still a long way to go, but getting there slowly!!

  8. Great progress, Andy! The Inn is looking really home-y and comfortable --just like I would imagine an English pub to look like! I laughed when I saw your sofa because I once had a bolt of chintz in real-life scale that was just like it. I'm now working on curtains for my house and the Pretty Pleater is the BOMB!

    1. Ah the Pretty Pleater, I had almost forgotten about those, how could I? I must get hold of one very soon!!

      At one point I thought I might get away with the huge floral print, but when I put the sofa in the room it just looked silly, so out of place!!

  9. Está quedando muy, pero que muy bien, Andy. Me gustan mucho los muñecos que has comprado, le dan mucha vida a la estancia. Estoy seguro de que poco conseguirás convertir este pub en una obra maestra.

    ¡Un abrazo enorme, mi amigo!

    It is becoming very, but very good, Andy. I really like the dolls purchased, give life to stay. I am sure that little get to turn the pub into a masterpiece.

    A huge hug, my friend!

    1. I thought you would approve of the dolls Pedrete!! ;o)

      Not sure it's a masterpiece, but I am pleased with the progress so far!! ;o)

      Hugs to you my friend!

  10. OOOH, GREAT Progress, Andy! I LOVE your characters....I think they add so much... well... "Character" to the Pub!!!LOL! And the other accessories too... those horses harness pieces are Perfect! It is all the little details that make so much difference... and take time!
    I just realizes I missed your earlier post about the Great John Nash..... I'm off to read it too!

  11. OOOPS, I mean Inigo Jones.... John Nash was Later...? I have So much to learn LOL!!!

    1. Hello,

      I agree that the details make a miniature come alive, and as I mentioned to Ray, as soon as the figures where placed in the pub it was transformed! I must get some more dolls soon, to fill the other side of the pub, I don't think it will be able to keep in business with just one customer and a dog!! ;o)

      Opps!! ;o) Nash is a little later (about 150 years later) he's more a Regency gentleman, but very important to English architecture too!

  12. Hi Andy,
    it's amazing how fast it comes together when all the accessories are in place. Little things like the mucky wellies at the back door add to the lived-in look. Have to say I love the stuffed fish display in the bar. Very typical of Ye Olde Pubs =0)

  13. Hi Carol, yes I wanted a fish in a case (not sure if they have a proper name!!) somewhere in the pub, the one I have was made by Mouse House Miniatures, and it looks quite at home on the shelf doesn't it. I wonder how many of the punters have told great whoppers about catching it!! ;o)

  14. Hi Andy,

    Well here I am, a little late but you know whats been going on.......; )

    Can I say how honoured I am that you would be influenced by me and my kitchen!!!! I truly feel chuffed.

    Andy I just love all you have added to the Swan, the little chaps just set the scene and the beer jugs look great! I am in love with your guest room and the phone on the foot rest is just perfect, it all looks so lovely....... just the place to stay on the road to some where.

    The kitchen is looking great and I love the mincer on the table. all the little extras just add to it like the beans and the corn flakes. just fab!

    I feel very inspired!!

    ML Fi xx

    1. Hi Fi,

      Pleased you like the developments at the Inn! I like teh chap too, and would like to get a suitable lady in the pub somewhere too, something tweedy with a fag in her mouth perhaps?

      I love the phone too, I haven't ever seen one as detailed and finely crafted as it before. The upstairs rooms need more work, but I am pleased with the progress so far.

      I liked your kitchen a lot, and thought your little curtain looked perfect, so will think of doing something above the window with a shelf above it, that I can hang a curtain from, or at least a pelmet. The mincer is fun, it actually 'works' too, and there is a fresh pile of meaty chunks to feed through it on the table, looks like it might be cottage pie for dinner!!

      Actually, I like cottage pie, I have to use soya mince as I don't eat red meat, but it's just as tasty!! Nice on a cold winter's evening!

      I hope the inspiration will bear friuts on your own miniature project!

      Much love
      Andy xx

  15. Hi Andy,
    Sorry I am a little late, but this month of May has not been a good one for me, but, you know, one foot in front of the other, and life goes on, besides I hated being away from my friends and what you all were doing.

    I love the people in your pub—as you know, I am just a nut about having “little people” everywhere! Your pub has so many wonderful details and I love the coziness of the place. A nice place to have a meal, a drink and good companionship, and a nice bedroom for sweet dreams!

    I can’t wait to see what you do next!
    Cheers (I feel like I am in your pub!),