Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The West Wing

As promised a few new pictures of the Georgian Dolls' House. These are the master bedroom, dining room and one of the attic bachelor bedrooms.

Firstly, the dining room. I don't think I have done much at all to this room since last year. The silver STILL needs cleaning!! I need to get myself a miniature butler! I think I am happy with the furniture in this room, I might change some accessories over time, but am in no hurry. I do want to change the handles on the central sideboard drawers, as I have some which match those on the sides somewhere. I need to make some drapes for the windows too, which is no surprise!! I really must just go for it and see what happens! I haven't found a prety pleater anywhere, so will try the knitting needle and pins method. I have got as far as pulling the silk fabric back out of the cupborad, so there is some progress!! ;o)

I do like this master bedroom. There are several things I still need to buy/make for this room, but am happy with the progress. I really want some Birds of Paradise prints for the wall by the bed, something postage stamp size. I tried printing some off the Mac, but they just looks awful, so have been scouring old magazines and gallery leaflets for anything suitable, I have some a little too big in an old Sotheby's catalogue, so might use those, we shall see. There are also bed covers, bed curtains and Austrian blind to make!!!!!!!

I was really pleased with this little inlaid bedside cabinet (McQueenie Miniatures) which looks just right in this room. I also snapped up this little jug with a posy of wild flowers inside (the Flower Lady), looks like the lady of the house has been out for a walk in the near-by meadows.

And here is a shot of the two rooms together.

This is one of the attick rooms, which is finally starting to look like a bedroom! I think of this as the Lord of the Manor's bedroom, as the master bedroom is far too flowery for his tastes! I found the fabric on the bed at a dolls house show a little while back which I thought was perfect as a woolen blanket, just have to make it! I can see I will need to do the sewing for this house before too long, or it will never get finished! (mind you, do dolls' houses EVER really get finished?)

I hope you are all having a good week so far. Bye for now.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Meanwhile, back in the Georgian House...

Can it really be over a fortnight since my last post?! Time rushes on, I have been rather busy with real life things, so the mini world has been put on hold for a while. I will get back to it again in the next day or so.

Meanwhile, I thought I would show you some new photos I took recently of my Georgian House. Some rooms have not really changed much since I last posted about them, but there are some that have new pieces of furniture and accessories that I purchased at the Kensington Dolls' House Festival back in May.

I'll just show a couple of rooms today, and do another post of more rooms soon.

The Drawing Room

I couldn't resist buying myself some John Hodgson chairs to match the sofa I bought a few years ago. I have wanted to buy some for ages, but they are quite expensive, and there were always other things I needed more. This year I bit the bullet! Originally they were going to go on the rug, next to the table, but for some reason didn't look right, so I kept the gold chair, and put the other chairs against the wall where I had had some Hepplewhite style shield-back chairs.

You'll notice the shevret from an earlier post in situ on the top photo too. I wanted a small desk for that corner of the room, and was pleased that Trevor's shevret fitted in so well. I also bought several nice accessories from David Iriarte, like the candle sticks and the little urns on the shevret, which can also be used as candle sticks when you rotate the lids!

The Parlour

For some reason it is hard to get a clear bright image of the parlour on camera. You have probably seen this room much as it stands in earlier posts. The lovely chair from Elga stands proudly next to the book case, other than that there isn't a great deal more to tell you about this room that I haven't mentioned before, but hopefully it is a little brighter than some older pictures, and you can see more detail..

And a new shot of the two rooms together. My next job is to work on curtains for the house, I'm still not sure whether to use a Pretty Pleater or go with knitting needles and pins, I want some Austrian style blinds in the bedroom anyway, so will probably have to get out needle and thread (YIKES!!).