Wednesday 6 May 2015

Recent Additions from Miniatura

I went to the Miniatura in Birmingham back in late March, it was good to get there again as I missed both shows last year. It's nice to meet with some of the miniaturists and crafts people at the shows and to pick up a few tips.

As always I had a great time looking at the huge variety of miniatures on sale, and it is satisfying to meet the people who made them and to look at the objects before buying. I bought more leather bound books from Ellie de Lacy (, my book cases are taking FOREVER to fill!! ;) I also bought a very handsome portable globe in a case from Truly Scrumptious (, which would have been a must for any wealthy gentleman in the 18th century. 

These have now been settled down in the Library. Just look at those empty shelves!!

I have been thinking about replacing the serpentine tables in the Drawing Room for sometime, They were miniature white wood kits that weren't finished very well by me. They looked ok, and are still being used in the house, but I have finally been able to replace them in the Drawing Room.

John Hodgson's gilt pier tables were perfect! ( 

I needed a pair, which was a bit costly, but I wanted to be sure that the tables matched, and this meant buying them together rather than waiting and only buying one at a time. That match the  Adam-esque style I have aimed for in this room, and the gilt finish picks up on other gilt details in this room.

And here is the room with all the other furniture back in position. I am thinking of making a rug for this room from a pattern I have found in a book, but know it will be a HUGE amount of work!! I already have the canvas and silk thread needed but it will take a very long time, if I ever get it started,  before that there are curtains to make!! Needle and thread! I can already feel a cold sweat starting at the mention of those words!! ;)

I bought a few other things, which are in the Swan Inn, and I will do a post about them soon, I need to get some good pictures of them first!


  1. I love the new tables Andy! The whole room looks great.

    And come on, start stitching that rug, you know you can do it!

  2. I'm with you when it comes to needle and thread - maybe you wouldn't expect to hear this from a bearmaker but I can only sew BiWuBearies and sometimes when im lucky cushions... but no curtains! *LOL* But you're a tough guy... go, Andy, you can do it... and that rug too! ;O) You've made some wonderful purchases and the new console tables look just perfect in your scene.


  3. Hey Andy
    What great items you bought. The books are so perfect and look right at home in the library. Your pair of tables are amazing and once in the room make it look real! I love the colours and tones in this room. Good luck with the rug project, I'm not sure my eyes could manage it now!

  4. I love the portable globe that you bought Andy, and your tables are divine. Your room looks very grand and it is just beautiful.

    Jayne c

  5. Oh Andy, your purchases look gorgeous! Those tables are to die for....I would just love to have them! LOL The room is simply beautiful. You are a brave man to even think of making a rug....with my hand on heart, I wish you good luck, I couldn't even dream of such a huge project, I think my poor eyes would just give in altogether!
    All the best

  6. Hi Andy! I am so taken with your two John Hodgson's tables! They are soooo Elegant and they are an ideal fit under your twin mirrors! It must have taken a big bite out of your wallet but I think that I would have done the same, given the opportunity. The results are Superb! :D


  7. The new tables are lovely. The whole room is lovely.

  8. OOOHH, those tables are just Perfect for the room!!! I can understand wanting to get them both at once! They look like they were made for the room! And your books and the tiny globe are so well made... it makes it difficult to be sure what scale we are looking at!!! I guess you did well at the Fair!!! And I can't wait to see this rug......!!!!

  9. Truly Scrumptious have a wonderful selection of items and your globe is just marvellous - very fitting and of a style I haven't seen before. Your tables are perfect and no, you couldn't just have one, that wouldn't be right - better just to go for broke! I wasn't at Miniatura this time round as I'm off to the Kensington Fair next weekend and there's only so much in the pot!

  10. well done! these tables are beauties and fit in perfect. Also love the books (so well made) and the globe; never seen a globe like that and being fond of items you don't see everywhere I just love love love it! Yes, filling a library with books takes forever, I know! I have often thought of embroidering a carpet but to tell you the truth what held me back untill now is the amount of time it takes to make one. If you manage to pull it off, you'll earn my absolute adoration, lol.
    But you know, I would n't be surprised at all if you did.

  11. Hello Andy,
    Amazing purchases. Everything is incredibly beautiful. I love the tables. they make an incredible room even more incredible. The library is looking terrific as well. Excellent choice Andy. These rooms are just sublime.
    Big hug,